Wednesday, February 17, 2010 ❣


Ohh yeaah. HAPPY CNY :)

 What a busy week. Duuhh, its the cny week. Of course everyone is busy. Went to houses and houses. Say hello. Take ang pao. Well, You know the drill :D Will update about that some other time.

I've finaly watch these two movies :))
Avatar and Percy Jackson 
Next target : Da Ri Zi


Went to many houses. Seen so families the past few days. How different families show thier love. Woahh, you'll be amazed. Heard so many stories from this lady. Who may or may not be related with me. I don't know. About how a 2 year old child treats his mother. Mother was feeding her child. But child didn't want her to feed. The 2 year old boy rather starve than to be fed by that woman. So one day, 2 year old boy purposely jump down from a high place (forgotten what) and broke his arm. When father came back, boy told father that mother hit him. Luckily, father believe that mother did not hit the child. Few days later, mother sent the 2 year old boy to her friend's place. Now, that 2 year old boy is already 7 years old. Mother's friend has been taking care of him for 5 years now. And he calls her mummy. Sad story. If that happened to me. I wouldn't be able to stop crying.

Feeling very down lately. Feeling like my head is about to explode. Lately, dota is the only thing that can make me smile. Release stress. Like that feeling. I can't believe i'm going through this same old thing again. Useless. Why can't i live happily? Even I wish to see myself smiling everyday. I love you. But i don't want you in my life. Too much negative energy. Make me have more wrinkles and white hair. lols. These pass few nights, really was hell to me. Can't seem to sleep. Couldn't stop thinking. Cried myself to sleep? Nose all stuffed up. Do you think i can sleep? Sigh.

If you really wanna know more about me, TALK TO ME! Texting and msn won't get you anywhere. Seriously, you think you can figure me out so easily huh? Not everything you said about me is true. If fact, NOTHING YOU SAID ABOUT ME IS TRUE. Uhh, you don't have to worry so much about how i feel. Sad, mad, happy? Worry about yourself. Cause from now on, i have no feelings. 


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