Tuesday, February 2, 2010 ❣

I feel like dying D:

Today was such an awful day D: I can list down all the reasons, but now i just don't want to. It was so boring, it almost made me cry. lol. .__. I'm really not in the blogging mood now. And yet i'm still blogging. lol. I hate that i've been eating so much lately. I don't even dare to find out how much weight i've already gain. OMGG! I've just been feeling so hungry lately. Every 1 hour i feel like eating D: I think i need to stop before i turn into [blank]. wtf. I HAVE A CRAVING FOR STEAMBOAT NOW! :D Hahaaa. My baby sister came with my daddy to fetch me home from school today. haha, and i know daniel is very happy to see her xP On the way home, she says 'Eunice, daniel very cute leh.' lols. Haihh, I'm so tired now. But i can't sleep. lol. I don't feel like moving. I feel so lazy. AND I STILL HAVE TUITION LATER! OMGGG.

Lately i've been sweating a lot. And i mean A LOT! I really hate sweating. I mean, its still okay if i sweat after i exercised or something. I kinda like that type of sweat :D I just HATE it when i sweat for no reason. Like when the sun is shining directly at me. MY GOD! Sweat like some mad woman. I hate those type of sweat. Damn sticky :X And can feel the sweat dripping from my neck all the way down my back. ROAR! Same goes to every time i enter 4Cengal. for Moral. So many people  in that class :O Really like not enough air to breathe. There's even more carbon dioxide than oxygen in that class. HATE SWEATING! And also the sun at noon D:

Monday :-
bro : eh eunice. Your that flower over boys movie watch till what episode?
me : its BOYS OVER FLOWERS la! And i've finished it..
bro : oh. then do you remember which episode i stopped at?
me : 7 i think. Why? You want to continue watching is it?
bro : borrow me the dvd.
me : fall in love with the movie already leh? hahahhaa.
bro : aiyo faster la. don't ask useless question.
After that he just took the dvd and went into his room. AND LOCKED THE DOOR! wtflol.

I miss you ):

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