Friday, February 12, 2010 ❣

No school for a week :)

Helloo holiday! :)

I miss someone now :)

School was so boring today. First period was pjk. And the teachers talked too much. So miss that period already. WOOTS! hahaaa. So happy. Hate pjk so much. Must change clothes. And then change back again. Pfftt. Damn ma fan.

Puan Noraini gave us a topical test during bm. Ok ok la. When she was checking my paper, she sighed. And then she smiled again. lolhahaa. Don't know this means good or bad. hahh. Miss Yang gave us a topical test for English too. Dangg! She purposely give us stupid title for the stupid essay. She gave us two for us to choose. One is something about reserved forest and the other one is My ambition. I definitely won't choose that reserve forest one lorr! Sien. Useless title. So i did the ambition one. Ma de. I don't even know what my ambition is. So i just made up everything. Write half way keep laughing at myself. ahhaa. Wait wait. She asked us to do that essay in 35minutes. wtf right? That was my worst essay ever. Aiks.

I like physics :) But because of that stupid teacher, make me wanna skip physics class. If i continue letting her teach ah, one day I'll sure go deaf. Scream so loud. And her voice is also very SHARP. And not to mention, the way she teach is like 'one piece one piece geh'. After that, ADD MATHS! Wheeee. Happy :) Laugh till my stomach pain! hahaa. Cause our teacher is Tan Wee Wee. Talk so soft. And he kept smiling. Heee. Melissa say very cute. ahhaha!

After school, hugged a lot of friends. Yay! :DD Carrie & Eugene came over to my house.
hoho. lazy niaa. pictures are up on facebook.

Gong xi fa cai :) 
Wo yao hong bao please? :D

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