Monday, February 22, 2010 ❣

Surprise Valentine's present

 I slept at 3am last night :/ I don't even know what the hell i was doing. Woke up at 6am. Only slept for 3 hours. Tired like shit. Once i enter woon eugene's car, his mummy gave me angpao. haha, felt a bit happy when i saw that red packet. 

Perhimpunan was boring as usual. When Carrie talk about Melissa's KRS uniform, ter-laugh too loud already. ahha. The pengawas were all like 'shhh' x) God, i really hate perhimpunan. Every monday sit till my ass pain .__.

When we went back to our class, saw that the stupid curtain had already fell down. And the sun was shining directly at my seat. AND! It just so happened to have no electricity. HOT LIKE HELL! Felt like i was going to die. Die already, die one more time! Few minutes later, electricity was back on :) But still very very very HOT! So i pulled my chair beside Jia. Not only hot. But also BORING! Cause first period was Sejarah. omg.

history teacher // me
eh girl! balik tempat masing-masing.
tak nak la cikgu. sana sangat panas ahh.
 you duduk situ pun panas juga ma.
ya la. tapi situ lagi panas. nanti saya mati. 
ok. duduk tapi tak mau cakap ahh.
*teacher sighs and ignore me*

skip skip skip
During recess. dont know for what reason i so high. keep laughing. haha. they say i laugh everyday worrh. I dont think so xD i only laugh when i'm with daniel lorh. hahhaha! every time when i'm with him, sure laugh till my stomach pain. ahhaa

daniel // melissa // me
eh eunice. what is so funny? why you keep laughing?
ya la. why you keep laughing. not funny you also laugh?
she very weird lo. one day don't laugh like will die only. like taking her life away. haha. when she laugh, she will be very crazy. But when she's sad she will be very quite and sit alone
Ya lo ya lo
*continue laughing like a mad woman*
the way the two of them talk is like those auntie buying fish at pasar. issh xD
i say one word she laugh one time. crazy already
laughing is good ma xD And i only laugh like this when i'm with you. 

haha! i feel that every thing you say is funny. LOL! Seee! I'm even laughing when i'm typing this xD wtflolhahahahhaha! Yes, one day without laughing for me, i really will die xD haha! because i laugh to live and live to laugh. hahaha! If i don't laugh like a mad woman then my name is not GOH EUNICE anymore. lolhahahaha!

During the last two period was BM, finally i felt tired already. Fell asleep as soon as teacher enter the class. BM teacher ignored me O.O Nahhh, not really ignore. Already told her i tak sihat. hahaa. Was sleeping so happily when suddenly Yuan Xin tapped my shoulder and woke me up. She told me someone is looking for me. So i went to the door and saw Jia Yan holding a very very huge SPONGEBOB xD hahaaa. 

jiayan // me
Nah eunice. This is your valentines present.
huh? who is this from?
fasterjust take it la xD
*after i took it, she quickly walked away*
*ignores me*

Thank you so muchhh ang kai chen! I like it very much! :) I'll buy a PATRICK for you on your birthday. And then you'll buy a SQUIDWARD for me on my birthday. ahhaha! Feel so tired now. Luckily today don't have tuition :D I need to sleeeeeeeeeeeeep xD hahaa

Hoho. Someone has a new hairstyle :] I likeyy <3

 He has a type of [idk what] that makes you just wanna look at him every time he passes by. That what energy. I don't know what is the english word for it xD ahha. ta de xi ying li hen qiang? Ahh, attraction energy x) LOLahaha!

Signing out ! :D

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