Friday, March 26, 2010 ❣

I need you wongchunyee!

I don't know what's wrong with me lately. Sometimes, for no reason, i just want to breakdown and cry or maybe just scream into my pillow as loud as possible. Everyday going to school with a fake smile. God! Its just so difficult. Well, the good thing is i don't have to explain to people why i'm sad. Can reserve my energy for other important things. But today was exceptional. Maybe because Daniel didn't come to school, and he wasn't there to make me laugh. Well, not to say i didn't laugh. I just didn't laugh as much as before. School ended very slow. I tried to smile, but really tak boleh tahan. So to not let anyone see my face, I lied on the table for the last 2 periods in class with hand covering my face. As usual, I sat at the corner alone. Eugene kept asking me why was i so moody. Every time he asked, i just shook my head. Sigh. When school ended, i was sweating like some pig and I wanted to get out of school as fast as possible. Cause i didn't want to bump into him. Seeing him only makes me more unhappy. At home, I spend almost half my day pacing the floor wondering why he apologized to me last night. After wondering for sometime, my head actually went to the other side. Got me wondering, how did i ever fell for him in the first place? What is it about him that attracts me so much? In the evening, he looked for me on facebook. Hah, after four days, finally. Took him long enough. Well, we didn't actually chat. Only one sentence from each of us. Then the end. Sigh. Its been three months, and i think this is really going no where. So, this feeling i have towards him should stop before it gets worst. If i continue like this, it'll be harder for me to let go. I really don't want to go through the same thing again. Because of that someone, it took me almost more than 1 year to get my heart mend together and i'm not going to get it broken again. I'm not gonna be that stupid girl that gets her heart broken more than twice :D I'm going to stop now.

DANIEL WONG CHUN YEE WHERE ARE YOU? You chose the wrong day to not come to school. Are you sick or not feeling well? Or just plain lazy? Ohh, or you went for Qing Ming? Speaking of which. I want to go back to Johor now for Qing Ming. But I don't know whether my parents wants to or not. I'm going out to watch movie with Jiayan tomorrow. I need to get my mind off somethings.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010 ❣

Suway Lagoon

Oh my god. My last post was post #100 and i didn't even notice D: Gahh. Nevermind. After so long, finally post #101! Lai celebrate with me my awesome readers :D

People > Jiayan, Carrie, Jasmine, Sinwei, Jiahui, Romex, Shunkin, Shunken, Yewkhang, Ahling, Ahpuah, Saylee & Carmen? Ahh, and that form 5 gang :X

Woke up very early. Seeteng & Carrie reached my place around 8am. Picked up Jiayan on the way and dad fetch us to IOI Mall. Took a taxi to Sunway. Waited for a while and suddenly a whole bunch of them came. heeh. Bought those ugly watch thingy. We bought the all 5 parks package for RM30. Cheap ehh? *skip skip skip*  

Entered Lagoon around 11am. Play play play. Wet and then dry again. Keep bumping into Chun Hou and the gang. Haha. Extreme Park was okay. The Scream Park was AWESOME! Jiayan & Seeteng screamed from the beginning till the end. haha! I just held on to Shunkin very tightly. We exited lagoon at 6pm. Went to Pyramid and had our dinner @ Fullhouse. Shop awhile. 

All of us had to go back early. Again because of TUITION! Took a taxi home, grabbed my books and rush to my 8pm Physics & Chemistry class. Pfftt. Almost fell asleep few times there. Reached home at 10.30pm. Showered & snoozed at 1am :) Didn't took much pictures when we were in Lagoon. Cause my phone was in the locker. So yeah. Thats all i have :D Rest of the pictures are in Jasmine's camera.

Also did bumped into Shawn at Pyramid. Nina was just beside him & couldn't even see. Effing blind la me D:But part of it was her fault too. haha. for not saying anything when she saw me.

Our bag keeper :P While we went into the scream park. He and shunken was outside taking care of our bag. Well, its not our fault he's afraid of ghost and doesn't dare to go in with us. haha. 

cute comic at the back of the menu. awww

This is soo sweet that i think i might get diabetes and die -.-

sha po forgotten to put sunblock. Hence, the super red face.

Okay now. I'm going to have some rest. Going to Genting tomorrow. But somehow i don't want to go. Aisshh, we'll see how things turn out. Just waiting for him to ask. If he didn't ask me, then i'll go :) Bet you have no idea what i'm talking about right? hahaha. Umm. Tomorrow is someone's brithday. Heeeehh. Weird, its not my birthday and i'm so happy. God, what's wrong with me :O

Anyway, ciaoo!
Signing out.

Monday, March 15, 2010 ❣

15km Bareno Run!

 lol. ss-ing during tuition xD ahahhaha! too free.

Slept over at joern's place. So her daddy came into the room to wake us up at 5.30AM :O So tired. Ate har mee in the morning and head off to Stadium Bukit Jalil for the 15km Bareno Run. blah blah blah. Very tired *ahh yawns* At night we celebrated sister's birthday. LOL. And her birthday is not till 24APRIL. Hahahaa, we were just playing. But the cake was deliciousss :P Will just let the picture do the talking.

Sweat so much :O

put this thing on my neck cause it was aching. wthell! pain till start crying. haha

Yummmyy (Y)

Joern's mom made that cheese cake. Just for euwern. haha. *licks*

Too happy x)

Went to Pyramid with jowie. Accompany him shopping x) hahahaa. Main reason is just to buy some books and a belt. Bumped into some peoples. But not Kevin tho D: Stupid guy don't know how to reply message. Went back to his place around 4pm. Only sis and i was in the house. Cause Joern went to Sunway lagoon & Jowie had tuition till 8pm. Daddy came around 5ish to fetch us home. Rushed into the house and grabbed my books & daddy fetched me to my 6pm tuition 

Yesss! I'm finally done :D Going to Sunway Lagoon with Jiayan, Carrie, Romex, Shunkin & the bunch tomorrow. Whee. Its been a while since i went there. Have to wake up early to fetch Carrie & Jiayan :O Heeh. I'm going to Genting again this Thursday till Saturday :P Kayy, I'm off to do some add maths :P

Signing out.
Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤