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I need you wongchunyee!

I don't know what's wrong with me lately. Sometimes, for no reason, i just want to breakdown and cry or maybe just scream into my pillow as loud as possible. Everyday going to school with a fake smile. God! Its just so difficult. Well, the good thing is i don't have to explain to people why i'm sad. Can reserve my energy for other important things. But today was exceptional. Maybe because Daniel didn't come to school, and he wasn't there to make me laugh. Well, not to say i didn't laugh. I just didn't laugh as much as before. School ended very slow. I tried to smile, but really tak boleh tahan. So to not let anyone see my face, I lied on the table for the last 2 periods in class with hand covering my face. As usual, I sat at the corner alone. Eugene kept asking me why was i so moody. Every time he asked, i just shook my head. Sigh. When school ended, i was sweating like some pig and I wanted to get out of school as fast as possible. Cause i didn't …

To Genting again with big family!

Hello beautiful readers :D I won't elaborate much. Well, cause i'm lazy. So, will just upload the pictures & maybe add some captions. The casino freaks brought us to Genting again. haha. Well, lets say Genting is almost like my second home. Parents use to bring us there every weekend since we were young.
18MARCH2010 We usually stay at Highland Hotel. But since its fully booked, we have no choice but to stay in First World. Umm. after so many years, this is my first time staying at First world resort. hahaa. Surprisingly, the room's quite big.

Waited for 3 hours :O She got bored and took her laptop out. haha

they say i looked like an air stewardess 

Suway Lagoon

Oh my god. My last post was post #100 and i didn't even notice D: Gahh. Nevermind. After so long, finally post #101! Lai celebrate with me my awesome readers :D
People > Jiayan, Carrie, Jasmine, Sinwei, Jiahui, Romex, Shunkin, Shunken, Yewkhang, Ahling, Ahpuah, Saylee & Carmen? Ahh, and that form 5 gang :X
16MARCH2010 Woke up very early. Seeteng & Carrie reached my place around 8am. Picked up Jiayan on the way and dad fetch us to IOI Mall. Took a taxi to Sunway. Waited for a while and suddenly a whole bunch of them came. heeh. Bought those ugly watch thingy. We bought the all 5 parks package for RM30. Cheap ehh? *skip skip skip*

Entered Lagoon around 11am. Play play play. Wet and then dry again. Keep bumping into Chun Hou and the gang. Haha. Extreme Park was okay. The Scream Park was AWESOME! Jiayan & Seeteng screamed from the beginning till the end. haha! I just held on to Shunkin very tightly. We exited lagoon at 6pm. Went to Pyramid and had our dinner @ Fullhouse. S…