Sunday, March 21, 2010 ❣

To Genting again with big family!

Hello beautiful readers :D
I won't elaborate much. Well, cause i'm lazy. So, will just upload the pictures & maybe add some captions. The casino freaks brought us to Genting again. haha. Well, lets say Genting is almost like my second home. Parents use to bring us there every weekend since we were young.

We usually stay at Highland Hotel. But since its fully booked, we have no choice but to stay in First World. Umm. after so many years, this is my first time staying at First world resort. hahaa. Surprisingly, the room's quite big.

Waited for 3 hours :O She got bored and took her laptop out. haha


they say i looked like an air stewardess 

Look at him -.- Tsk tsk. haha

Starbucks from 10pm till midnight. Had a very long chat with them :D

Outdoor Theme Park from 10am till 6pm. Hahaha! You can imagine how tired we were. Walking half way suddenly someone's leg cramp. haha. Reach home at 8pm.

Corkscrew over and over again for 3 times. hahaha

We bumped into Wearnie, chialoon and those people at the theme park too.

The boating thing.

The end. 

Aisshh, school on monday. Someone kill me please. Stupid perhimpunan in the morning. And we might be getting our exam results. Sighh. Fugging nervous. So, I have to be happy now. Its Sunday & I'm at jowie's place. Going for a jog later. Really have gain some weight already. Pfftt. WHY DOES FACEBOOK HATE ME! THE PICTURES TAKE LIKE FOREVER TO UPLOAD! -____-

Signing out

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