Monday, March 22, 2010 ❣

Class photos!

I'm actually very happy today. Despite the fact that my blog hates me & that today i found out one of those problematic teachers is totally against me. And i have no idea what or why. Nyehhh, don't really care now. Just let me continue being happy :D

► I got an A for my Chemistry test. *jumps up and down* Yess, i'm very happy.
► Have no idea why i'm so high today O.o
► Super Junior concert talks with Yuan Xin. hahaaa, spazz spazz spazz :P
► No teachers actually entered class today :)
► I feel very tired & dizzy in class today :) This is gooooood.
► We took our fugly class photos today. And i not only took photos with 4Jati, but also with 4Kempas. Bwahahaa. Yesss, and i'm happy about that too. I hope i won't be as disappointed as last year. Stupid ugly retarded form 3 class photo -_______- Feel like throwing up when i think about you.
► Today was very HOT! Not really very happy about that but who cares :D
► I took a 3 hour nap when i reached home :) COMFORTABLY! Fugging slept like a pig :]
► My 8pm Mod Maths & Add Maths tuition ended quite fast & i actually liked today's class.
► Mom bought me that cow noodles i like a lot for supper :) Yummmm. Idk what's it called. 

Still thinking of what makes me so high today. Mhmmm. 
Till then, BYE!
Signing out.

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