Sunday, March 7, 2010 ❣

Lousy day. How did I end up here?

Currently @ mama's office now. mhmm. Wonder how i ended up here? *special sound effect*

Well, i woke up happily today. Despite the fact that i faught with my sister last night. Shheesh. Nevertheless, i was happy. Still laying on my bed, i took my Add Maths exercise book from under my bed and started doing it. Turned around an saw my sister doing her karangan on her bed too. Around 11am, we went downstairs and started talking again. The best thing about arguing with her is that you can never stay mad at her for long. lol. hahh.

skip skip skip

It was then 5pm. Was back at my room doing my add maths while chatting with my beloved [someone] & Jiayan on msn *coughs* happily. I had my headset on, and with the loud music, i really can't hear anything. Suddenly, my mom came rushing in.

mama : eunice! are you free to come to work now?
me : har? work? don't want la.
mama : please la. really no MO at office now. everyone is on mc.
me : don't want la. i really love you but i don't want to work leh.
Then she went back downstairs with a very disappointed face.
Then dad came up to my room.
dad : eunice ah. why don't you want to help your mama?
me : i got exams tomorrow, *finding excuses* i have already forgotten those football thingy, and i'm very lazy.
dad : but your mom really needs you now.
me : don't want laa.
10minutes later. 
Mom yelled at me again with a that very very sad face.
mama : you sure you're not coming?
me : coming la.
mama : thank you so much.

Sigh. What choice do i have? I saw her so disappointed and unhappy. I love her so much and don't want to see like that. Just say yes and get over with it. Its just one day. Plus i get money $$

We went to KL. & the people in the office was like 'Oh! She's back?'. LOL. And that was their reaction after 3 months of not seeing me. I felt so lazy and i didn't want to do the match. & plus, i really have already forgotten what to say.

home safe, home attack, home danger, away safe, away attack, away danger, away goal.
well, after repeating & clicking all those junk for 45 minutes. Mom told me i could rest and she will kickoff the second half. Ahhh, i love her so much. ahhaha. Even if she's doing it, I AM THE ONE WHO IS GETTING PAID. hahahaa. Her job is just to be the boss and scold people.

Well, that's how i ended up here. Gosh, i really don't like it here. Its so stuffy and smoky. Don't know what time i'm going home.
Signing out.

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