Tuesday, March 2, 2010 ❣


After ditching my blog for so long, I finally FEEL like blogging again. Maybe just for today. Cause i'm just too lazy. Same old routine everyday. Sien already. Sigh. Not only that. Its always so hot! God! Really starting to hate the sun. I feel kinda stupid feeling happy every time the rain comes. I have never liked rain before. In fact, i use to hate it when it rains. But i just can't help it. The crazy hot weather is making me like rain more and more. Its just so cooling. ahh =)

My cough, sore throat & flu has been going on for a week now. And i'm really sick of everyone asking me what happen to my voice in school. Uhhh. Although.. my cough is getting better =) And my throat isn't that sore anymore. I'm really happy about that. But, that stupid flu is getting worse! I can't sleep every night nor can i breathe in school due to nose block. My running nose is really getting me piss off and there's really nothing i can do. God! It has already been a week man! Sheesh.

I painted my room with daddy & mummy the other day. And i'm really lovin the colour. Pink is such a romantic colour. Will upload the before and after photo soon. But not now :P

Anyway, my Restaurant City is finally level 40 going to 41. wheeee. lol. Hyper much? hahh. Guess what :) Since a few days ago, i've changed all my employees outfits. hahaa. and sometimes it really makes me laugh x)

Click to enlarge.
I've forced all my waiters & waitresses to wear that weird looking purple vest thingy and an ugly small wooden bucket on their heads. ahhaha. I laugh so hard every time i see it.

And all my chefs are now wearing that chef outfit :) With that ugly free blue pants. HAHAHAH! nice kan?

And now, this is what i'm wearing. I think i looook nice x) Looks so fierce. And not to mention i look so much like a guy :P

Alrightt. I'm getting kinda bored here. There, you see! Blogging really bores me. And i have to get ready for my 8pm Physics & Chemistry tuition later. Exam is next week. And i won't wanna fail any subjects :) Hahh. I know i won't xD LOL! Still, i gotta study.

And, Happy birthday to my beloved Ah Teng. Everything i want to say to you is already in that big big card. Have a rocking sweet sixteen babe. love.

Ooohhppss. I really have a craving for lok lok now! Heehh.
Times are wasting.
Signing out.

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