Tuesday, March 9, 2010 ❣

this time i'll never let you go.

Hey old lady. You DON'T tell me what to do. I'm not your daughter. Don't act like you care about me when you just want whats best for yourself. The only reason why i did what you asked is because I AM A GOOD PERSON. Don't take advantage of me. Or i might scratch your eyes out. Thanks for your corporation ma'am :) Cheers.

Second day of exam is over. And we're getting closer & closer to the holidays :D Well, i don't think the papers were that tough. *coughs* Ahh, yes. Since last week, i now have Add maths & Modern maths tuition TWO times a week. That means no more time for me to fool around anymore. Yes, i have tuition from monday to friday. Geez. Stress much? Not to mention, i haven't have enough time to sleep lately. Gahh. Physics and Modern maths exam tomorrow. How i wish this week would end faster. 

Mhmm. But once the holidays start, i wouldn't be able to see him for a week. Aisshh. Why does his birthday have to fall on that particular week. Another problem for me to solve. How the hell am i suppose to pass his birthday present to him? :O Walking to him and saying a simple 'Hi' literally took my live away. lol. Everytime he passes by, my heart somehow skipped a beat :)

I've been hearing a lot of rumors lately. Heeh, i don't know is that a good thing or a bad thing. Cause i wouldn't consider this situation as a bad thing. And its not exactly good either. Ahh well, lets just say its not something for me to be proud of. And ewwww to whoever is thinking sideways. I'm getting bored now. Have physics & chemistry tuition at 8pm. I'm done now.

NONONO! WAIT! Before i go. 
Well, i would upload the picture we took together. But i just can't stand looking at that picture. ahha. I look freaking cacat ;D Mhmm. Darling, we may have met many times, but the only time we really talked was when i went to asia cafe for your shop thingy. Pfft. and that was only a while. But i'm not worry. Cause i know we'll have many more chances. I'm just waiting for you to ask me out babe. hahaaaa. Anyway, have a rocking seventeen birthday syg. Hope you have a blast. Lots of love

I want to watch Alice in Wonderland! :)
Holiday faster/slower come!
SIgning out. 

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