Sunday, March 14, 2010 ❣

Doggies and couzies!

Helloo readers. 
I'm at joern's place now. Sleeeep over :P Its been 3 days since i last updated. Mhmm, how to update? :/ Pfftt! Screw friday. Lets start with saturday :D


Planned to go to Pyramid with Katherinne and the bunch. But suddenly something came up. So mom told me to stay home. Sigh. Stayed home and Anyway, Joern & Jowie came over to my place around 5pm. The sister, joern & I went to Jusco @ Equine park. Loitered around. Really had nothing to do. Dinner at Wong Kok Char chan teng. Went home and her parents fetch me to her house for sleepover :D

my baby lessie 

my baby sunshine 

and my dog. haha

We're actually playing nothing x)

Same goes to this. ahha

in the car on the way to Serdang to buy bao :P

Such a bad sister xD hahaaa. 

Thats it :DWill update about the 15km Bareno run tomorrow. PROMISE :]
Signing out. 

Just because i don't update about jiyong on my blog, doesn't mean i'm not keeping track of what he's been doing anymore okay :P Watch this :) 

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