Thursday, March 11, 2010 ❣

We're done

fucking pissed. i need you now ):
I slept at 2am and woke up at 6am today. Surprisingly, i don't feel tired.
But i know i'll definitely be sleeping during tuition later. sigh.

I'm starting to hate stupid abbreviations. Wait, i don't think what i'm talking can even be considered as an abbreviation. Example :- I dunno. I dowan. I mean what the hell is that. Go flip through the english dictionary and see if you can find those words. You combined don't together with know. & don't together with want. Do you know how stupid you would sound? Pathetic. Do you have to shortcut everything? Its only a few more buttons to click man. People will just think you don't know proper english *points points*
bro : eh eunice. i just notice something. don't you think we're very fortunate?
me : har? fortunate about what? 
bro : we have 5 laptops, 2 desktop & two broadband at home.
me : har? we have that many laptops? lol
bro : stupid girl. you don't know? 
me : nope *smiles*
bro : mom's Toshiba, dad's Eee netbook, euwern's Dell & you and i each own a Compaq. And plus those two useless desktops that we don't use.
me : cheh. of course, fortunate. haha. don't talk rubbish la :P

Even i have no idea why we need/have so many computers. And so what if we have two broadbands? Celcom is useless & streamyx is slow and always disconnects. Pfftt.

Lessie & Sunshine grew so much :D Love them

Signing out :)

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