Monday, March 15, 2010 ❣

15km Bareno Run!

 lol. ss-ing during tuition xD ahahhaha! too free.

Slept over at joern's place. So her daddy came into the room to wake us up at 5.30AM :O So tired. Ate har mee in the morning and head off to Stadium Bukit Jalil for the 15km Bareno Run. blah blah blah. Very tired *ahh yawns* At night we celebrated sister's birthday. LOL. And her birthday is not till 24APRIL. Hahahaa, we were just playing. But the cake was deliciousss :P Will just let the picture do the talking.

Sweat so much :O

put this thing on my neck cause it was aching. wthell! pain till start crying. haha

Yummmyy (Y)

Joern's mom made that cheese cake. Just for euwern. haha. *licks*

Too happy x)

Went to Pyramid with jowie. Accompany him shopping x) hahahaa. Main reason is just to buy some books and a belt. Bumped into some peoples. But not Kevin tho D: Stupid guy don't know how to reply message. Went back to his place around 4pm. Only sis and i was in the house. Cause Joern went to Sunway lagoon & Jowie had tuition till 8pm. Daddy came around 5ish to fetch us home. Rushed into the house and grabbed my books & daddy fetched me to my 6pm tuition 

Yesss! I'm finally done :D Going to Sunway Lagoon with Jiayan, Carrie, Romex, Shunkin & the bunch tomorrow. Whee. Its been a while since i went there. Have to wake up early to fetch Carrie & Jiayan :O Heeh. I'm going to Genting again this Thursday till Saturday :P Kayy, I'm off to do some add maths :P

Signing out.

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