Tuesday, April 27, 2010 ❣

Ang Kai Chen ♥

I just realized that my blog has become less interesting. And my readers has been dropping like mad lately. So you guys are giving up on me that easily? ): I really can't find time to blog lately. With school, family, friends & stuffs. 

Can you guys do something for me? Right, put your right leg on the ground and start turning it around. Umm, like forming a circle on the floor. Clockwise okay? Now, use your right hand the draw the number 6 in the air. And now look back at your leg. Chao tut already is it? hahahh! If you really can do both. You're really an expert! Hahahah! 

Gonna leave my boring blog now. Will have a proper update SOOOON! 

Just you wait for my 

&& one more thing, iloveyouangkaichen. Bwahhhh. 

Thursday, April 22, 2010 ❣


Helloo :D You all know my sampat friend Daniel, don't chu? :D

Humans > Daniel, Melissa, Eugene, Valerie, Der Ting, Thou Vern, Yuan Xin & birthday girl Pooi Shan :DD

Went to IOIMall after school to celebrate Pooi Shan's birthday :) Ate @ Wong Kok. Lazy to elaborate. Pictures on face book. Lazy to upload too. HAHAHAHA!

Something very fish happened at school today. The fish i'm talking about is not the F word. I'm talking about the fish in chinese. & what is fish called in chinese? You know la. Okayy. So we came back from IOI around 4pm. We as in Daniel, Eugene, Valerie, Pooi Shan & Thou Vern. Had nothing to do so we went into the school. We stood at Dewan Gemilang & watched TWW play basketball. HAHAHAH! Damn cute weihh! :P

Okok! Back to my story! After a while, we felt bored & went up to our class. While walking to our class, suddenly i saw Puan Zawiah pointing at us. WTF! -___- Hahahaa. So they all go hide behind the tiang LOL! THEN THEN THEN! Suddenly Puan Nurlina took up the mic and yelled 'EUNICE! COME DOWN NOW!' LLOLLLOLOLOL!!! Okok, damn frighten -___-

I was like, 'zuo mo jiao wo ba liao?!' Got so many people beside me cannot see ah? Then she said something else, but this time louder. 'EUNICE, EUGENE & THE GANG! COME DOWN! PENGAWAS, GO CALL THEM DOWN & BRING THEM TO THE OFFICE.'

Lol. Okay. Just imagine, SHE WAS USING A MIC! And without the mic her voice is already so loud. You can just imagine how loud she was talking & not to mention the WHOLE SCHOOL heard her called my name. OHEMMGEEEE! No face xD

Then i remembered, i had two phones in my bag. Hahaha. Quickily passed them to Daniel. Suddenly two pengawas appeared behind Eugene & I, rushing us to go to the office to see the pengetua. LOL! Went to the office & listened to her nag for a while. When the pengawas brought us there, Puan Zawiah was like 'Only two of them?' Hahaha!

Oh! She said one more thing before she let us go. She looked at Eugene & I and said 'Kamu dua orang PAKTOR ah?' I was like 'EWWWWW! TAK ADA LA CIKGU! KAWAN SAHAJA' LOL! When i went out the school, everyone was asking me what happened -____- No face to answer. Very fish. The end :D

One more thing :D

Signing out.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 ❣


Mommy, today is my birthday. I am 4 months old.

Mommy I have toes and I am a girl. Mommy, Please don't be sad any more.

Mommy what is that doctor saying mommy? What is an abortion mommy?

Mommy I love you. Mommy I can fall asleep to your heartbeat.

Mommy do you love me?

Mommy I am in heaven now Mommy. God told me what an abortion is Mommy.

Mommy why didn't you want me? Why don't you love me?

Mommy why can't I ever see the light of day? Mommy I still love you.

Mommy God will take care of me now and I will be loved .

Mommy today is my birthday I am 5 years old now and I still don't understand why you didn't want me mommy

Mommy! You came to see me Mommy!

Mommy what happened to you? You don't know your little girl anymore mommy? You don't love me Mommy? Why did I have to die Mommy?
Mommy I still love you

Sunday, April 18, 2010 ❣


Don't we look cute? hahaha.
Have no school tomorrow :D Wheee.
Will be spending my day with Melissa & Jiayan

Friday, April 16, 2010 ❣

Pig Leg Vinegar Rules!

My modem just came out from the hospital!
I've been feeling very lousy lately. Haihh. Don't have to mood to do anything at all. 

Woke up in the morning and wondered whether i should go to school or not. Cause, every teacher is preparing for that anugerah cemerlang thingy & won't be in class. After thinking for a while, i went back to sleep. But i end up waking up again 10 minutes later. Haha. Got dressed and went to school. Well, i certainly made the right choice to go to school today.

Felt so high today. Hahaha. For some reasons. After school, I saw mom & dad both waiting in the car outside school. Felt happier. Haha. Turns out, mom was lazy to drive to work so she asked daddy to fetch her. Went to kl and then came back. Daddy brought me to eat that oh-so-delicious JU GIOK CHOU. Translation - Pig Leg Vinegar. LOLhahahaa. *licks* My love :P This is one of my lame reasons why i ditched playing badminton with Carrie. Hahha.

I'm going to take a nap now. Chiu gap tired D: Don't know why.
Going to Shuang's baby party tomorrow. Woots! :)
Signing out.

Sunday, April 11, 2010 ❣

Internetless ):

Am at Joern's place now. Cause brother & the sisters cannot even stand a day without internet. Yeah, the storm killed my broadband ): Don't know when will it be fixed. We wanted to play badminton just now. But the court has all been booked. Pfftt. A bit angry. So i went for a 4km jog with dad instead. Its been 3 weeks since i jogged. So was a bit difficult to move my leg xD Now, almost every part of my body hurts. My right hand, the cause of intense badminton for twice a week and 4 hours a day. My left hand, because i help daddy cut the grass with that lawn mower thingy. My left foot is swollen because i hit it against something. But i forgotten what. My right leg is fine xD Sighh. Not internet to use at home now. So i'll be going out to yam cha a lot xD hahahaa.

I'm lazy now. Will do a proper update some other time :)
Signing out.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010 ❣

Fat then fat loh!

I ate ice-cream, a Big Mac & lots of fries after school today :D Daddy & the brother ask me to go jogging with them. But i rejected, cause i was lazy. Then the sister ask me to jump rope with her. She usually jumps around 150 times? But I rejected too. Yes, cause i was lazy. Hahahaa. I keep repeating to myself & also everyone else, saying that i'm on a diet & won't eat during recess. But failed D: Oh well, WHO CARES! :P Fat then fat la. No feeling. I don't care eh eh eh.

I really felt like killing someone at school today. Felt like giving him two slaps on his face. Whatever i say, he'll step on my one time. Keep stepping till i have nothing to say. Already have been tolerating this for a very long time. One day when i really cannot tahan anymore, I will scratch his face until it bleeds. Then he won't be able to see the sunlight ever again. Really spoil my mood. Pfftt.

I just read Daniel's blog and he said he wants to go to the gym to tune up his muscles. HAHAHA! Don't know why but i find that very funny. Fa qiao. Tsk tsk. Today too high already is it? :P Boo! Anyway, I see Amy very unhappy lately ): Looks so lonely. Always go to the toilet alone D: Worry about her la. What happens if on the way to the toilet she let other people rogol? hahahaha. CHOI! But still very worried about her. Going to the toilet alone very dangerous one tau? *serious face* Next time ask XXX to go with her. HAHA!

My blog changed its look again :D I'm lovin it. But my header is still not done yet. Under construction. hahaa. This is just a temporary one. Urgghh. Have to prepare for the BM Lisan i'm having on thursday. Ewwww. Lately, teachers have been giving us a lot of notes to copy. BORINGG D:

Signing out.

Sunday, April 4, 2010 ❣


Came home from Johor at 5pm. Pictures are on facebook. And very lazy to update about it.
Eww AWESOME! It means AWESOME and you are awesome and also Ewwnice is awesome xD
So here's a lil something for all my Eww AWESOME readers :)

English - 86%
Modern Maths - 83%
Chemistry - 83%
BM - 64%
Account - 64%
Physics - 52%
Add Maths - 22%
History - 27%
Moral - FAIL

Now didn't i just made you smile? :D I got 3A's 3C's & 3FAILS.
Now thats Eww AWESOME! :D

Thursday, April 1, 2010 ❣

April fools :D

I didn't get a chance to fool anyone today ): Everyone was just too smart and i'm not much of a prank-er. Cause i tend to laugh every time i try to pull a prank. Isshh.

2NE1 at F1 Grand Open Festa!
omgg. power :D 2NE1 FTW :P lovin their hair colour

I do love that there's no background music and their tune just sounds so clean and pure :)
But i personally prefer the original.

And omg! I know this is late but I finally got the guts to watch this. I was so afraid to see how much damage G-dragon made. I read many articles about his 'Shine a light' concert, but had never though of watching how the concert went. A fine of 3 million won just for doing what he did on the bed with that girl. God, i've seen many artist do worst okay. Anywayy, now that everything has almost quite down, i feel better watching it. lol. i had no idea what i just said either.
Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤