Thursday, April 1, 2010 ❣

April fools :D

I didn't get a chance to fool anyone today ): Everyone was just too smart and i'm not much of a prank-er. Cause i tend to laugh every time i try to pull a prank. Isshh.

2NE1 at F1 Grand Open Festa!
omgg. power :D 2NE1 FTW :P lovin their hair colour

I do love that there's no background music and their tune just sounds so clean and pure :)
But i personally prefer the original.

And omg! I know this is late but I finally got the guts to watch this. I was so afraid to see how much damage G-dragon made. I read many articles about his 'Shine a light' concert, but had never though of watching how the concert went. A fine of 3 million won just for doing what he did on the bed with that girl. God, i've seen many artist do worst okay. Anywayy, now that everything has almost quite down, i feel better watching it. lol. i had no idea what i just said either.

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