Tuesday, April 6, 2010 ❣

Fat then fat loh!

I ate ice-cream, a Big Mac & lots of fries after school today :D Daddy & the brother ask me to go jogging with them. But i rejected, cause i was lazy. Then the sister ask me to jump rope with her. She usually jumps around 150 times? But I rejected too. Yes, cause i was lazy. Hahahaa. I keep repeating to myself & also everyone else, saying that i'm on a diet & won't eat during recess. But failed D: Oh well, WHO CARES! :P Fat then fat la. No feeling. I don't care eh eh eh.

I really felt like killing someone at school today. Felt like giving him two slaps on his face. Whatever i say, he'll step on my one time. Keep stepping till i have nothing to say. Already have been tolerating this for a very long time. One day when i really cannot tahan anymore, I will scratch his face until it bleeds. Then he won't be able to see the sunlight ever again. Really spoil my mood. Pfftt.

I just read Daniel's blog and he said he wants to go to the gym to tune up his muscles. HAHAHA! Don't know why but i find that very funny. Fa qiao. Tsk tsk. Today too high already is it? :P Boo! Anyway, I see Amy very unhappy lately ): Looks so lonely. Always go to the toilet alone D: Worry about her la. What happens if on the way to the toilet she let other people rogol? hahahaha. CHOI! But still very worried about her. Going to the toilet alone very dangerous one tau? *serious face* Next time ask XXX to go with her. HAHA!

My blog changed its look again :D I'm lovin it. But my header is still not done yet. Under construction. hahaa. This is just a temporary one. Urgghh. Have to prepare for the BM Lisan i'm having on thursday. Ewwww. Lately, teachers have been giving us a lot of notes to copy. BORINGG D:

Signing out.


  1. Huh!!!!!!.... what is fuuny about i tune up my muscle leh?>...><><...

    Yalo...i also worried about her....she just look sad or maybe no mood at all....later she go to the restroom alone and she meet the ghost inside leh....Walao....

    Aiya...next time if she want to go then call me la...i acompanny her...hahahaah...jkjk

  2. FUNNY LA xD hahahhaa. Cannot imagine you doing those lifting thingy in the gym. haha. Very man x)

    CHOI! Later she really meet ghost then you regret xD Haha. You accompany her also can. Go into girls toilet lo

  3. OK de....no problem...i will do it...IF SHE WANT>..hahaha


Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤