Thursday, April 22, 2010 ❣


Helloo :D You all know my sampat friend Daniel, don't chu? :D

Humans > Daniel, Melissa, Eugene, Valerie, Der Ting, Thou Vern, Yuan Xin & birthday girl Pooi Shan :DD

Went to IOIMall after school to celebrate Pooi Shan's birthday :) Ate @ Wong Kok. Lazy to elaborate. Pictures on face book. Lazy to upload too. HAHAHAHA!

Something very fish happened at school today. The fish i'm talking about is not the F word. I'm talking about the fish in chinese. & what is fish called in chinese? You know la. Okayy. So we came back from IOI around 4pm. We as in Daniel, Eugene, Valerie, Pooi Shan & Thou Vern. Had nothing to do so we went into the school. We stood at Dewan Gemilang & watched TWW play basketball. HAHAHAH! Damn cute weihh! :P

Okok! Back to my story! After a while, we felt bored & went up to our class. While walking to our class, suddenly i saw Puan Zawiah pointing at us. WTF! -___- Hahahaa. So they all go hide behind the tiang LOL! THEN THEN THEN! Suddenly Puan Nurlina took up the mic and yelled 'EUNICE! COME DOWN NOW!' LLOLLLOLOLOL!!! Okok, damn frighten -___-

I was like, 'zuo mo jiao wo ba liao?!' Got so many people beside me cannot see ah? Then she said something else, but this time louder. 'EUNICE, EUGENE & THE GANG! COME DOWN! PENGAWAS, GO CALL THEM DOWN & BRING THEM TO THE OFFICE.'

Lol. Okay. Just imagine, SHE WAS USING A MIC! And without the mic her voice is already so loud. You can just imagine how loud she was talking & not to mention the WHOLE SCHOOL heard her called my name. OHEMMGEEEE! No face xD

Then i remembered, i had two phones in my bag. Hahaha. Quickily passed them to Daniel. Suddenly two pengawas appeared behind Eugene & I, rushing us to go to the office to see the pengetua. LOL! Went to the office & listened to her nag for a while. When the pengawas brought us there, Puan Zawiah was like 'Only two of them?' Hahaha!

Oh! She said one more thing before she let us go. She looked at Eugene & I and said 'Kamu dua orang PAKTOR ah?' I was like 'EWWWWW! TAK ADA LA CIKGU! KAWAN SAHAJA' LOL! When i went out the school, everyone was asking me what happened -____- No face to answer. Very fish. The end :D

One more thing :D

Signing out.

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