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Hello awesome readers. awwww! >___<

Okay, about today's exam. Sivik and Moral. Sivik was actually kinda easy. Talking about Moral only makes me wanna slaughter someone. SCREW YOU MORAL! You're a fucking useless subject. And why is Moral one of the subjects we MUST take in SPM. Don't tell me you really think if we study Moral and get good results for it, we will be moralistic people? My god! 我FAIL定你啦死MORAL! Rawr! Hate it. Two and a half hours just for one stupid Moral paper. Okayy, I actually did answer some of the questions. I was so pissed off, I answered a question very stupidly.
Q : Apakah kesan bencana alam kepada manusia? A : Banyak orang akan mati.
Okay, laugh. I was really mad at that time alright. I know it was stupid of me to take my anger out on a piece a paper. It was childish of me. I should've took it out on someone xD Hahah! And the essay I wrote. Well, lets just say its inappropriate for little kids to see. wtflol! Haha. Not that serious la, okay. Sucks…

The girl I use to be.

Never ruin an apology with an excuse.
I know you don't mean it. So you can stop saying sorry already.

Am I the type that gets jealous easily? Maybe. I don't just dislike someone for no reason. You should know me well enough. Woon Eugene said, I should be happy that he spends almost every second of his time with me. Almost 90% of is time is with me. And he also said a guy needs his own space. That I can't always be controlling him. But I want all. I want all of his time! Am i asking for too much? Okay. First, I should know better than to listen to what Eugene says. Listening to a word he says only leads to death. Haha. But he might be right. God. I don't like her is because every time when i'm not with you, she is. Am I overreacting. I don't think I'm in my green-eye-monster mode now. I wish you people would stop asking me am I okay. Especially those that don't really know me. Pfftt. I'm fine! No I'm not jealous. Stop asking me to 'don't w…

Survived 4 hour tuition.

Jiyong Jiyong Jiyong
come to Malaysia please. 
For me? D:
I'm happy to say that EUNICE is still alive after 4 hours of tuition. 3 hours of Physics & 1 hour of Chemistry. NO BREAKS! Grrr. Don't play play ar. Btw, like the way my blog looks now? Colourful eh? :P
Signing out.

History rocks! Well, sometimes :D

Awww, I missed you too 
my awesome readers!  I've been studying since I woke up till now :) I know, I don't study much. But exams are just around the corner. And plus, I played computer almost the whole day yesterday. And I promised myself I'd study today. He went out. Leaving me with nothing to do at home. We can't text. Cause his phone battery is running low. So yeah. History O.O The only reason I wanted to study this is because I found a form 4 comic history book thing and I thought it looked cute. And not to mention since school reopened, I haven't even read a single word from my History text book. I didn't listen to what the teacher was blabbing on about in class. Cause I've skipped almost all of History periods since January. Haha. 
Woke up at 9am and took up that cute comic book thingy and started reading. When i say read, I really read okay! Hahha. There was some exam format questions at the back and *coughs* SAYA SEMUA BETUL AH!  :P Serious okay! We…