Friday, May 21, 2010 ❣

The girl I use to be.

Never ruin an apology with an excuse. 
I know you don't mean it. So you can stop saying sorry already.

Am I the type that gets jealous easily? Maybe. I don't just dislike someone for no reason. You should know me well enough. Woon Eugene said, I should be happy that he spends almost every second of his time with me. Almost 90% of is time is with me. And he also said a guy needs his own space. That I can't always be controlling him. But I want all. I want all of his time! Am i asking for too much? Okay. First, I should know better than to listen to what Eugene says. Listening to a word he says only leads to death. Haha. But he might be right. God. I don't like her is because every time when i'm not with you, she is. Am I overreacting. I don't think I'm in my green-eye-monster mode now. I wish you people would stop asking me am I okay. Especially those that don't really know me. Pfftt. I'm fine! No I'm not jealous. Stop asking me to 'don't worry'. I'm not worrying!  I'm just not happy. Boy, I hope you're having fun.

Lets change the topic. About today's exam :) It was GOOOOOOD! So goooood, I think I can get an A for my History. Isshh. As if. Okay, I'm not in the mood to blog now. Woon Eugene is at my place now. Playing with my dog? kthxbaii!

Signing out.

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