Tuesday, May 25, 2010 ❣

Happy One Month

And here I am again, blogging. =___= I know.
Like don't I have any other things to do right?
BUT, today is a special day. 
So I have an excuse for not studying my Physics. Haha!
Happy One Month Anniversary. 
Bii, you said this month passed by very quickly. But honestly, I think this month is sure taking its own sweet time. Like, wtf? Only 4 weeks?! Now that pisses me off. Cause it feels to me like I've already been with you for a year. I mean forever. Gahh, I spend almost half my day with you and yet I still miss you. Even if you're away for just 3 seconds. I'm tired of typing all the sweet sweet things. Haha. Anyway, we're not going anywhere to celebrate. Well, firstly its because we're having exams. And second is because neither of us even remember what today is. Thats why we tak ada plan. Hahah! So, thank you banyak banyak Jiahui for reminding us. Uhh. God! I feel like such a lousy person for not even remembering such an important day. Pfft. Oh well, at least he is being lousy with me too. HAHAHA! I promise I'll remember the second month! Whee. I love you angkaichen :]

Okay, today's Addmaths paper totally sucked. Paper 1 was alright :) Felt happy doing it. Cause I manage to answer many of the questions correctly. Mhmm. I started dying during Paper 2. So many questions on Quadratic Functions. And did i mention i suck at that chapter? Sighh. Oh God please help me pass this test! 

Peace out!

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