Saturday, May 8, 2010 ❣

History rocks! Well, sometimes :D

I missed you too 
my awesome readers! 
I've been studying since I woke up till now :) I know, I don't study much. But exams are just around the corner. And plus, I played computer almost the whole day yesterday. And I promised myself I'd study today. He went out. Leaving me with nothing to do at home. We can't text. Cause his phone battery is running low. So yeah. History O.O The only reason I wanted to study this is because I found a form 4 comic history book thing and I thought it looked cute. And not to mention since school reopened, I haven't even read a single word from my History text book. I didn't listen to what the teacher was blabbing on about in class. Cause I've skipped almost all of History periods since January. Haha. 

Woke up at 9am and took up that cute comic book thingy and started reading. When i say read, I really read okay! Hahha. There was some exam format questions at the back and *coughs* SAYA SEMUA BETUL AH!  :P Serious okay! Well, excluding the essay question. Was ready lazy to do that. And i don't really know how to do. I'm talking about the objective & subjective question. Didn't see the notes ok. Praise me la :D I'm so happy :P Wait wait. While i was reading, i came across some retarded things. 

Hahahah! Okayy, this seriously made me laugh non stop xD My brother was laughing at me for laughing at the book. LOL! Stupid bangsawan only need to pay satu wang perak. I feel that all the rakyat biasa & hamba very ke lian. If i were them, i don't care lo. I patah his tulang back. wtfahahah!

Saya suka minum arak sampai mabuk! LOLOLOL! xD

Seseorang lelaki boleh berkahwin dgn beberapa orang wanita sekali gus & sesiapa yang mereka sukai. LOL! And see the bottom guy's yam face xD Hahahah! 

See the poor baby ): So cruel ):

There are more. But I'm really lazy to upload. Hahaa. Next time! :) Mhmm. Well, i have nothing to do for the rest of the day. I think i'll continue with my history. Don't wanna use the computer today :P
P/s Ignore my previous post. 
Signing out.

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