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Hello! :D Damn! Its boring lately. Electrobalze♥ got first place for Superstar Semesti. We're very proud and we're also very grateful to those who have supported us and voted for us. We got a berry berry big hamper full of junk foods. Haha. And also RM50 cash :) We shared those junk foods with everybody. HEEHEEE :D Today we ordered Pizza Hut to school, and paid with the RM50 :D WHEEEE! Fat already.

I tell you hor... After the two weeks of holiday and my absence in class last week really makes me lazy to even sit in class ): Don't have the mood to study now. WHY! D: Cannot like this one lor! Grades will drop one lor! T_T Keep skipping class. I didn't enter class for so many days already leh! I do feel guilty okay! Makes me soooo sad to see me like this ): Need to change before this turns into a habit. Wish me luck baaa! :D I know i can do it. HAHAHA. I think...

I failed my Add Maths! 30%++ only wooi! Somebody kill me please. AHHH. And accounts, don't know what's my…

Everything you and I were.

Today when I woke up, i stared at the ceiling for quite a long time. i though of so many things. I thought of all our past memories. Everything we'd done together. And coming back to where you and i stand right now, we've really changed a lot. We hardly speak to each other. You used to a very important person in my life. You were my bestfriend. A sister to me. Whatever happened to that? You changed your blog link and didn't tell me. Maybe i deserve this, I wasn't a good enough friend to you. Tonight, I found your blog. I saw our pictures. And tears started to roll down my eyes. What happened to us? We use to go everywhere together. Tell everything to each other. Now you and I live different lifes. Having nothing to do with one another. We only smile when we see each other. I miss you. Honestly, I do. I hope you're happy with your life. The life that has nothing to do with me. I wish we could be how we use to be again. But its impossible. I know it is. Now, I keep a…


Hello creatures of the earth.
I just came back from Malacca :) Hahaa. Wo chiu gap tired so I won't update about my trip now. While i was away for a week. I not only missed all my dance practices with Electroblaze but I also didn't get to stalk my jiyong :P HAHAHAH! So I have some fucking chio pics of him to show you :D AHHH!!

New Eversense Website photos.  One word. DELICIOUS! OMGWTFLOLBBQCHICKENWING! ;DD
Big Bang on TV Guide Magazine HOT HOT HOT!
Jiyong at a Beauty Salon. OMGG! HE LOOKS SOOOO CUTE! Stupid lady holding his hand! D:  I WANNA BE IN HER POSITION THEN SO BADLY! ):
Jiyong on Women's Weekly Magazine He melts my heart man! wtf.
Big Bang on a Japanese Magazine. OMG OMG LOOK AT SEUNGRI! Hot dao! Taeyang looks like he's acting cute. haha.  Jiyong's hair! Daesung and TOP! Omo!
G-Dragon VS T.O.P Fashion Showdown Jiyong looks like a lil kid here with that cute hairstyle of his. haha
Big Bang at the VMAJ Red Carpet! HIS HAIR! AND THAT FACE!
G-Dragon Unseen Photos from a…

Big Bang’s 2010 BIG SHOW Concert Live Album

On June 23rd Big Bang will be releasing a live concert album and a fourth single Japanese album. The Live Concert album is from their 2010 Big Bang BIG SHOW Concert. The album will include Haru Haru and Sunset Glow as well as their Japanese songs “Gara Gara GO!” and “Koe wo kikasete”. It will also bring the “Stylish” (Perry remix) as well as the “Lie” (Hitchhiker remix) and the live version of TOP’s single “Turn It Up”.
[LIVE CD] 01. Lying (Hitchhiker Remix) 02. Go Go Go!! (GARA GARA GO!!) 03. Koeohkikasette (声 を きかせ て) 04. Hallelujah 05. Strong Baby (Hitchhiker Remix) – Victory Solo 06. Where u at – the sun Solo 07. How Gee 08. STYLISH – THE FILA (Perry Remix) 09. Cotton Candy – Daesung Solo 10. Only an idiot & I don’t understand the tears 11. Stupid Love & Oh Ma Baby 12. Remember 13. Stay 14. Day 15. Heartbreaker – GD Solo 16. Heaven & stupid 17. Red Sunset
[BONUS CD] 01. TURN IT UP – TOP Solo 02. Hallelujah 03. STYLISH – THE FILA (Perry Remix) 04. Lying (Hitchhiker Remix)
Booking time: June 17 t…

The Karate Kid

Hello pretty peoples :)

I'm at Genting now. And i just watched The Karate Kid. And it was fucking awesome! :DD The ending was very gan jiong. Haha. A must watch! The guy that bully's Dre (no idea what his name is. haha.) was so chio! And that lan c kid with the pointy hair too! At the end when Dre hit the guy with that move thingy and Jackie Chan said 'Next time, no face'. LOL! That made me LOL. HAHAHAHWTF! I sound so weird right? I mean to those who haven't watch this movie yet. HHAHAA! JUST WATCH LA PLEASE xD
I'm going now. It's cold here ):

I'll be gone

Hello lovelies :D So the first week of the holiday was kinda suckish. Cause the only place i went to is Daniel's studio for dance practice. But now! Muahahahaa. I'll be at Genting from Monday to Wednesday. And Port Dickson from Thursday to Friday. But that also means i'll be missing out a week of dance rehearsal. Ahh D: I need to do a hell lot of catching up to do when i'm back. Jia said she will send me a video clip of the dance steps to me through msn and she asked me to practice practice practice! Forgive me Electroblaze. I'm sorry. 
I'm going now. BYE! :)  See you guys on Saturday :D

Here we go again.

Hello people hello! :) There's some changes to my blog, AGAIN. I know, like what's wrong with me right? I keep changing it's look on a regular basis. Haha. What to do? I seriously have nothing else to do. Well actually i do have my things to do. That is practice my dance. But I'm just too lazy. wtfhaha! Okay. I'm going to sleep now. BAI!
#tuning in to Big Bang - Hands up

Holidays: DANCE!

Hi people hi! :)  Its been a while since I updated. Sorry ): The number of readers on my blog have been dropping like mad. Ahhh! How am I suppose to earn money if you stop visiting my blog? ): LOLHAHAHA!
So I've just finished my mid-terms last Friday. Hoping I can get at least a B for my Physics & Chemistry. And maybe a C for my History. Haha. My expectations aren't that high. Cause I don't wanna get disappointed later on. But I have a feeling I'll do goooood in my mid-terms! Mhmm. I know. Lets not talk about exams. It's boring D:
YES! Holidays :D Everyone's so happy. Mhmm, don't get me wrong, I'm happy, despite the fact that I can't go out at all this two weeks. But I am happy for the not having to go to school part. OHH OHH ): We have just joined our school's Superstar Semesti. We as in Electroblaze. And Electroblaze as in Daniel, Sandy, Victor, Nicholas & I. This Superstar Semesti is like a school competition? So we'll be rehearsi…