Saturday, June 19, 2010 ❣

Everything you and I were.

Today when I woke up, i stared at the ceiling for quite a long time. i though of so many things. I thought of all our past memories. Everything we'd done together. And coming back to where you and i stand right now, we've really changed a lot. We hardly speak to each other. You used to a very important person in my life. You were my bestfriend. A sister to me. Whatever happened to that? You changed your blog link and didn't tell me. Maybe i deserve this, I wasn't a good enough friend to you. Tonight, I found your blog. I saw our pictures. And tears started to roll down my eyes. What happened to us? We use to go everywhere together. Tell everything to each other. Now you and I live different lifes. Having nothing to do with one another. We only smile when we see each other. I miss you. Honestly, I do. I hope you're happy with your life. The life that has nothing to do with me. I wish we could be how we use to be again. But its impossible. I know it is. Now, I keep asking myself how could i ever let someone like you just slip away from my side? I don't think i can ever forgive myself for doing that. You have your friends and I have mine now. We can continue moving forward. Sister, I miss you dearly. I want to see you happy. But somehow deep down in my heart, i kinda hope you feel the same way as i do. I hope our memories will live somewhere in your heart forever. I was stupid to never treasure you.

I'm sorry.

I hope all the teachers in school are not having a great time during this two weeks of holidays :) Cause I need all of you to faster grade my exam papers. I wanna know how i did in my midterms.

I won't update about my trip. But I will upload the pictures on facebook 

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