Tuesday, June 29, 2010 ❣


Hello! :D
Damn! Its boring lately. Electrobalze got first place for Superstar Semesti. We're very proud and we're also very grateful to those who have supported us and voted for us. We got a berry berry big hamper full of junk foods. Haha. And also RM50 cash :) We shared those junk foods with everybody. HEEHEEE :D Today we ordered Pizza Hut to school, and paid with the RM50 :D WHEEEE! Fat already.

I tell you hor... After the two weeks of holiday and my absence in class last week really makes me lazy to even sit in class ): Don't have the mood to study now. WHY! D: Cannot like this one lor! Grades will drop one lor! T_T Keep skipping class. I didn't enter class for so many days already leh! I do feel guilty okay! Makes me soooo sad to see me like this ): Need to change before this turns into a habit. Wish me luck baaa! :D I know i can do it. HAHAHA. I think...

I failed my Add Maths! 30%++ only wooi! Somebody kill me please. AHHH. And accounts, don't know what's my results but i know i FAILED T_T BUT BUT! I am happy about something. I DID WELL IN MY PHYSICS! WTFWHEEE! I think i got a B. Idk. I just think. Haha.

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