Tuesday, June 8, 2010 ❣

Holidays: DANCE!

Hi people hi! :) 
Its been a while since I updated. Sorry ): The number of readers on my blog have been dropping like mad. Ahhh! How am I suppose to earn money if you stop visiting my blog? ): LOLHAHAHA!

So I've just finished my mid-terms last Friday. Hoping I can get at least a B for my Physics & Chemistry. And maybe a C for my History. Haha. My expectations aren't that high. Cause I don't wanna get disappointed later on. But I have a feeling I'll do goooood in my mid-terms! Mhmm. I know. Lets not talk about exams. It's boring D:

YES! Holidays :D Everyone's so happy. Mhmm, don't get me wrong, I'm happy, despite the fact that I can't go out at all this two weeks. But I am happy for the not having to go to school part. OHH OHH ): We have just joined our school's Superstar Semesti. We as in Electroblaze. And Electroblaze as in Daniel, Sandy, Victor, Nicholas & I. This Superstar Semesti is like a school competition? So we'll be rehearsing our dance at Daniel's studio for this whole two weeks. BECAUSE! The school told us about this Superstar thingy only a few days before the holidays. Which gave us very little time to plan everything. Like the dance, the song, the outfits and everything else. SOB! Once again... STUPID SCHOOL D:

Was just fooling around :P OF COURSE GOT TIME LA! wtfhahaha! I'm happy. BECAUSE! We've almost perfected our dance steps. Hey, I said ALMOST. haha

Sandy sampat-ing @ Daniel's studio. Hahaha!

See this!
If only this bus was in Malaysia D: DANG!

kthxbaii! :D

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