Tuesday, June 15, 2010 ❣

The Karate Kid

Hello pretty peoples :)

I'm at Genting now. And i just watched The Karate Kid. And it was fucking awesome! :DD The ending was very gan jiong. Haha. A must watch! The guy that bully's Dre (no idea what his name is. haha.) was so chio! And that lan c kid with the pointy hair too! At the end when Dre hit the guy with that move thingy and Jackie Chan said 'Next time, no face'. LOL! That made me LOL. HAHAHAHWTF! I sound so weird right? I mean to those who haven't watch this movie yet. HHAHAA! JUST WATCH LA PLEASE xD

I'm going now. It's cold here ): 

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Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤