Friday, July 30, 2010 ❣

Breaking Dawn.

Was experimenting with make-up just now :P
And it was a disaster xD


It also leads to chaos!
I know this pictures is like damn nice :P Hahaha!

Recently, I've been having my face soaked into the book Twilight Breaking Dawn. 
I can't wait to see the movie! Edward oh Edward. Jacob jangan kacau :P

Monday, July 26, 2010 ❣

Popiah day!

Hello everyone! 
Today is one of those days of the month where my family and I only eat Popiah for breakfast, lunch & dinner. *coughs* Haha. Yes, we do it once a month :)

P/s : My beautiful & delicious popiah is full of vegetables. No meat! ANTI MEAT! xD Haha. On diet. Makan banyak sayur! Esok boleh berak banyak! Jika kamu selalu makan then kamu akan ada badan yang cantik. Woohoo! hahaha. Ignore my retardness :x Let Eunice teach you how to make cantik cantik punya Popiah :] 

Btw, I'm using Kaichen's phone camera. And his camera really sucks la. So i have to improvise :D

First, you need to prepare all your ingredients. I put cabbage, cucumber, long beans, and as you can see in the picture, I also put some brown colour thing which is some dried prawn or something and also some peach colour thing which is sengkuang

Next, you have to put that piece of thing on the plate. 
Okay sorry. I seriously don't know what is this thing's name. Pai seh :X

Di samping itu, you have to put all your ingredients on top of that piece of thing.
I know it looks hideous here. But it'll taste fantastic! :P haha.
Oh yeah! That black colour thing is some kinda sauce :) Must put!

Akhirnya, you have to wrap it up. Don't worry its very simple :) But i don't know how to teach you. Haha. Just roll it up la. Cin cai laa xD As long as you can eat it, its good! :P


After eating it, you will be super hyped up and start taking retarded pictures like me :D

Last thing! I'm participating in the chinese singing competition :x
I can sing one la okay xD HAHAHA! Don't pandang rendah pada saya okay!

Thanks for reading!
Signing out!

Sunday, July 25, 2010 ❣

Jacob's Walk of Life 2010

Okayy. Trying to be happy now. Currently licking on to some of mommy's very berry oh-so-delicious home made durian ice-cream. Yummmmy! Be jealous! All of you xD Aha. 

I wouldn't say today is the best day. I had to crawl outta bed at 5 in the morning. And i slept at 1am last night waiting for his phone call. But yeah, wasted. Okayy! Woke up and went to Frim @ Kepong for the Jacob's Walk of Life 2010. We're WALKING! For 3KM! Omg. I can't believe i ditched the BHP 11km run for this. Ahh. Sad. But the advantage is that we got a lot of Jacob's biscuits xD hahah!

Lazy to elaborate. 
Picture time! :)

Tired in the morning D:

I want to take them all home! And then resell them! Muahahha!

Our breakfast :P

I look like some kind of retard. Had no idea what i was doing.

See see! I took a picture with this leng zai clown!! Wheee.

The sister & I were trying to imitate mommy's smile xD HAHA. = FAILED

Si beh duo people lo. Plus, the road is so small. 

Aku cinta pada mu xD Cousin lovee.

Euwern & Jowie

After that we went to somewhere around Kepong to eat 

And now i'm home :D

Oh yeah! Watched Despicable me just now!
Rate 8/10 . Agnes is fucking cute! <3

See see! My blogging mojo is back :P Yay! 
Going to celebrate gor gor's birthday tonight. 

Signing out!

Saturday, July 24, 2010 ❣

MTV World Stage 2010

I need MTV World Stage tickets badly! Anyone selling? 
Comment on this post or in the cbox on the right. Please help me laaa.

Tokio hotel


 and Katy Perry!

But most of all. I want to see 

Two tickets please.
 If your friend is selling, tell me! At reasonable price of course.
If its more than RM100 then eat shit la. LOL.

Friday, July 23, 2010 ❣

Gifts from Vietnam.

I love this song. Finally i've finish watching Season 1 of Glee.

Aha! Yes, that important thing. Arhh. I just wanted to say that i had fun cheering for the 2nd Asean School Games thingy. What a wonderful experience that was. 

Hello! This cute guy is a Vietnam gymnast named Vuhoan.
I don't know how much can our friendship grow in just 3 days. wtf.

Vuhoan gave me this pin from Vietnam. And also this Ah Po.
Well of course i did gave him something too :P

I'm done living in this fantasy. Back to school again. One week just passed by so quickly. Ahh. Today i had a major freak out! I was such a spazz and was overreacting. I mean seriously. LOL! Damn!

I have an announcement to make. That pimple that turned black on my forehead and that made me freak out today was ummmm. It was actually only a normal pimple that was coincidentally located on top of my mole. LOL! PAI SEH XD HAHAHAHA!

Okay. You can laugh at me. lol. That is why i freaked out. I was so relieve after I burst my zit. Whee! But i kinda feel stupid that i even forgot i had a mole on my forehead. wtf xD Overall, today was a normal day. I hate my accounts teacher. Sei 8 po. If you're so no happy with us, don't teach la! I miss my old accounts teacher ): Even though she scolds me once in a while. But she hell a lot better than this one D:

Saturday, July 17, 2010 ❣

Vietnam GOOO!


lol. I know i'm weird. I'm holding a Indonesia flag in the pic and yet i'm cheering for Vietnam. Hahah! I'll explain all soooon! er yer yer!!! Don't go anywhere! I got a lot to tell you all! Wait for me to update tomorrow! Or maybe monday! 

Thursday, July 15, 2010 ❣


Indonesia GO! :P 
Hee hee I know i look sibeh cool! :P HAHAHAH!

I'm tired :O Stupid sorak thing. Make me walk up and down the stairs like a thousand times already. Okayy. I'm cheering for INDONESIA in the 2nd Asean School Games thingy. Ahh, i feel so bad ): I'm a Malaysian and yet i'm supporting Indonesia. Anyway! We get 10 bucks per day. Went to school at 7am and went to Bukit Jalil Stadium(i think), and then came back to school at 6pm. This routine will continue for four days :O I think my legs will break and i'll run out of voice xD LOL. Somebody kill me.

Hee hee. I know i look sibeh yong shui xD HAHAH! 
Well what do you expect? I was freaking bored k? Btw, its a pom pom jiayan made. The one i made got stolen ): Screw you asshole! :) Anyway, i didnt really used this pom pom. I just waved the flag and yelled Indonesia xD Haha

Mag, Verny & I were practically zat-ing each other the whole day xD HAHA. Love them lor :P 
I need to go on a diet. Daniel says i'm fat ): So sad. Haih. So straight forward. He doesn't even know he hurted me. Hahaha. Joking :) Friends maa. I know he's just joking xD And plus, not one of my diet plans have success before. HAHAHAH! Will upload the rest of the pics next time :D

I miss angkaichen so much today ):
Signing out!

Friday, July 9, 2010 ❣

The Twilight Saga, Eclipse

Great day with my Edward & Jacob. HAHAA. Watch Eclipse today at IOI Mall. Mhmm, i rate it 7/10 !! A lot of parts in the book weren't in the movie. But still, ♥♥♥!! Went with the brother, Eugene & bii. Of course we went to school early in the morning to collect report card first la :D

Lazy to elaborate :X
Rest of the pictures i've already uploaded them on facebook.

Signing out.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010 ❣

You'll find the way.

Woke up at 6.20am today :) And then my headache came back again. Didn't wanted to go to school. But after thinking about my baby & also my plan with Eugene. I changed my mind :D Eugene came to fetch me as usual. My head hurt real badly in the car all the way to school. After we reached school, we walked to the mamak @ Moris for breakfast. Wonder why his mom didn't fetch us there instead? I have no idea. Haha! Its been a while since I had a real talk with him :D Non-stop talking when i'm with him.

He was telling me something about Miley Cyrus. haha
But it obviously shows that i wasn't listening xD 

Oh yeah! For the first time this year, we finally went to the Chemistry lab. Hahaa. We did the emm... emperical formula experiment. LOLhaha. The stupid magnesium ribbon* took so fucking long time to burn. After two periods still nothing. And the fire on the bunsen burner was already turned to max. So akhirnya, EXPERIMENT INI TIDAK BERJAYA xD HAHAHA! So we went back to class.

See the gek sei yan punya bunsen burner.

Lynn & Teng hate waiting too. Hahaha.

Jia & Melissa too! xD HAHAHAHA

Did my Moral Folio as soon as i reach home. Going to take 4 pictures of me fake doing house chores later. HAHAHA! Already took some pictures of me fake throwing the rubbish in the rubbish bin at school. Not only that, also fake cleaning the blackboard, fake picking papers(that i purposely put there xD) up from the floor & fake wiping the filthy windows xD HAHA

Sunday, July 4, 2010 ❣

New hair style :D

I just cut my hair today :) Hee hee. BANGS!
Now i can take LALA pictures! HAHAHA! Wheeee. 

Friday, July 2, 2010 ❣

Do NIE for Pizza Hut!

YB is freaking cute! FACIAL HAIR! AHAHA! Why does he have to keep smiling D: Makes my heart melt. AHHHH! And Dara! :O LUCKY DOU SEI! And also MY GD! Faint already :O AHHHH! Ehemm, the girl he needs is ME! GO AWAY XD I seriously died at 2:08. Revived. And then died again at 2:18. wtfwtf! OMFGBBQCHICKENWING! I love you kwonjiyong. Come to me baby.  Jiyong, can i eat you? <3

Hello everyone!
I completed my NIE in one night. ONE NIGHT ONLY! Applause please! Thank you thank you :P I stayed up till 12am last night doing this. And i'm quite happy with it. See how desperate i am for Pizza Hut? HAHAH! Kuanluyee's one all very very nice ): Jealous of her drawing skills. 

Anyway! This is mine! Front page and inside. 
This is not Seventeen Mag. Its Sixteen. Hahah!
I colour one okay! LOL! Look very kiddish.

kuanluyee's. All three of them i think. Not sure ah. 
But mine still very nice okay. hahaha!

Poor baby. Daniel, Jia jia & Melissa go torture her. So kelian. ):
Jia jia still write old baby. CRUEL PEOPLE! 


Thursday, July 1, 2010 ❣

Don't hate what you can't imitate.


*Waves to the passerby in my chatbox* This is for you! ^.<
Hi! I usually don't acknowledge people like you. But i'm bored. So maybe i'll want to take some time to understand what your problem is :) Mhmm. Hi! Of course you know, I'm Eunice. The owner of this blog. And you are? Nahh, don't really care who you are actually.

Passerby, you wanna bring me down? I dare you to try! :) I don't get people like you. By doing this what do you get? Errrr.. Don't you know that hating on a certain name only gives them fame? And showing them that you hate 'em is low. And posting craps on their blog is just plain childish and stupid :) Hahaha! Passerby, love me or hate me. Either way I'm on your mind. You're not on mine. You silly hoe. Heeh. Keep this in mind dude, I don't care what you think. Quit leaving gross comments on my chatbox. You're disgusting. You're polluting my blog. Ewww. Like I say, i don't care who you are. Haha. But its obvious you care about what i do. No? Then why are you visiting my blog so frequently? Would you even care to reply again. Don't hate me because i'm what i am. Hate me because you can't compete with that :P Alright. i'm bored now. Ciaoo!

I drop shit. Hoes like you pop it. Them birdies follow it. Got my name in your mouth? Bitch swallow it! 

Dude, comment on this post as an anonymous
or just put a sock in it :)
Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤