Friday, July 23, 2010 ❣

Gifts from Vietnam.

I love this song. Finally i've finish watching Season 1 of Glee.

Aha! Yes, that important thing. Arhh. I just wanted to say that i had fun cheering for the 2nd Asean School Games thingy. What a wonderful experience that was. 

Hello! This cute guy is a Vietnam gymnast named Vuhoan.
I don't know how much can our friendship grow in just 3 days. wtf.

Vuhoan gave me this pin from Vietnam. And also this Ah Po.
Well of course i did gave him something too :P

I'm done living in this fantasy. Back to school again. One week just passed by so quickly. Ahh. Today i had a major freak out! I was such a spazz and was overreacting. I mean seriously. LOL! Damn!

I have an announcement to make. That pimple that turned black on my forehead and that made me freak out today was ummmm. It was actually only a normal pimple that was coincidentally located on top of my mole. LOL! PAI SEH XD HAHAHAHA!

Okay. You can laugh at me. lol. That is why i freaked out. I was so relieve after I burst my zit. Whee! But i kinda feel stupid that i even forgot i had a mole on my forehead. wtf xD Overall, today was a normal day. I hate my accounts teacher. Sei 8 po. If you're so no happy with us, don't teach la! I miss my old accounts teacher ): Even though she scolds me once in a while. But she hell a lot better than this one D:

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