Friday, July 2, 2010 ❣

Do NIE for Pizza Hut!

YB is freaking cute! FACIAL HAIR! AHAHA! Why does he have to keep smiling D: Makes my heart melt. AHHHH! And Dara! :O LUCKY DOU SEI! And also MY GD! Faint already :O AHHHH! Ehemm, the girl he needs is ME! GO AWAY XD I seriously died at 2:08. Revived. And then died again at 2:18. wtfwtf! OMFGBBQCHICKENWING! I love you kwonjiyong. Come to me baby.  Jiyong, can i eat you? <3

Hello everyone!
I completed my NIE in one night. ONE NIGHT ONLY! Applause please! Thank you thank you :P I stayed up till 12am last night doing this. And i'm quite happy with it. See how desperate i am for Pizza Hut? HAHAH! Kuanluyee's one all very very nice ): Jealous of her drawing skills. 

Anyway! This is mine! Front page and inside. 
This is not Seventeen Mag. Its Sixteen. Hahah!
I colour one okay! LOL! Look very kiddish.

kuanluyee's. All three of them i think. Not sure ah. 
But mine still very nice okay. hahaha!

Poor baby. Daniel, Jia jia & Melissa go torture her. So kelian. ):
Jia jia still write old baby. CRUEL PEOPLE! 


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