Thursday, July 15, 2010 ❣


Indonesia GO! :P 
Hee hee I know i look sibeh cool! :P HAHAHAH!

I'm tired :O Stupid sorak thing. Make me walk up and down the stairs like a thousand times already. Okayy. I'm cheering for INDONESIA in the 2nd Asean School Games thingy. Ahh, i feel so bad ): I'm a Malaysian and yet i'm supporting Indonesia. Anyway! We get 10 bucks per day. Went to school at 7am and went to Bukit Jalil Stadium(i think), and then came back to school at 6pm. This routine will continue for four days :O I think my legs will break and i'll run out of voice xD LOL. Somebody kill me.

Hee hee. I know i look sibeh yong shui xD HAHAH! 
Well what do you expect? I was freaking bored k? Btw, its a pom pom jiayan made. The one i made got stolen ): Screw you asshole! :) Anyway, i didnt really used this pom pom. I just waved the flag and yelled Indonesia xD Haha

Mag, Verny & I were practically zat-ing each other the whole day xD HAHA. Love them lor :P 
I need to go on a diet. Daniel says i'm fat ): So sad. Haih. So straight forward. He doesn't even know he hurted me. Hahaha. Joking :) Friends maa. I know he's just joking xD And plus, not one of my diet plans have success before. HAHAHAH! Will upload the rest of the pics next time :D

I miss angkaichen so much today ):
Signing out!

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