Sunday, July 25, 2010 ❣

Jacob's Walk of Life 2010

Okayy. Trying to be happy now. Currently licking on to some of mommy's very berry oh-so-delicious home made durian ice-cream. Yummmmy! Be jealous! All of you xD Aha. 

I wouldn't say today is the best day. I had to crawl outta bed at 5 in the morning. And i slept at 1am last night waiting for his phone call. But yeah, wasted. Okayy! Woke up and went to Frim @ Kepong for the Jacob's Walk of Life 2010. We're WALKING! For 3KM! Omg. I can't believe i ditched the BHP 11km run for this. Ahh. Sad. But the advantage is that we got a lot of Jacob's biscuits xD hahah!

Lazy to elaborate. 
Picture time! :)

Tired in the morning D:

I want to take them all home! And then resell them! Muahahha!

Our breakfast :P

I look like some kind of retard. Had no idea what i was doing.

See see! I took a picture with this leng zai clown!! Wheee.

The sister & I were trying to imitate mommy's smile xD HAHA. = FAILED

Si beh duo people lo. Plus, the road is so small. 

Aku cinta pada mu xD Cousin lovee.

Euwern & Jowie

After that we went to somewhere around Kepong to eat 

And now i'm home :D

Oh yeah! Watched Despicable me just now!
Rate 8/10 . Agnes is fucking cute! <3

See see! My blogging mojo is back :P Yay! 
Going to celebrate gor gor's birthday tonight. 

Signing out!

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