Monday, July 26, 2010 ❣

Popiah day!

Hello everyone! 
Today is one of those days of the month where my family and I only eat Popiah for breakfast, lunch & dinner. *coughs* Haha. Yes, we do it once a month :)

P/s : My beautiful & delicious popiah is full of vegetables. No meat! ANTI MEAT! xD Haha. On diet. Makan banyak sayur! Esok boleh berak banyak! Jika kamu selalu makan then kamu akan ada badan yang cantik. Woohoo! hahaha. Ignore my retardness :x Let Eunice teach you how to make cantik cantik punya Popiah :] 

Btw, I'm using Kaichen's phone camera. And his camera really sucks la. So i have to improvise :D

First, you need to prepare all your ingredients. I put cabbage, cucumber, long beans, and as you can see in the picture, I also put some brown colour thing which is some dried prawn or something and also some peach colour thing which is sengkuang

Next, you have to put that piece of thing on the plate. 
Okay sorry. I seriously don't know what is this thing's name. Pai seh :X

Di samping itu, you have to put all your ingredients on top of that piece of thing.
I know it looks hideous here. But it'll taste fantastic! :P haha.
Oh yeah! That black colour thing is some kinda sauce :) Must put!

Akhirnya, you have to wrap it up. Don't worry its very simple :) But i don't know how to teach you. Haha. Just roll it up la. Cin cai laa xD As long as you can eat it, its good! :P


After eating it, you will be super hyped up and start taking retarded pictures like me :D

Last thing! I'm participating in the chinese singing competition :x
I can sing one la okay xD HAHAHA! Don't pandang rendah pada saya okay!

Thanks for reading!
Signing out!

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