Wednesday, July 7, 2010 ❣

You'll find the way.

Woke up at 6.20am today :) And then my headache came back again. Didn't wanted to go to school. But after thinking about my baby & also my plan with Eugene. I changed my mind :D Eugene came to fetch me as usual. My head hurt real badly in the car all the way to school. After we reached school, we walked to the mamak @ Moris for breakfast. Wonder why his mom didn't fetch us there instead? I have no idea. Haha! Its been a while since I had a real talk with him :D Non-stop talking when i'm with him.

He was telling me something about Miley Cyrus. haha
But it obviously shows that i wasn't listening xD 

Oh yeah! For the first time this year, we finally went to the Chemistry lab. Hahaa. We did the emm... emperical formula experiment. LOLhaha. The stupid magnesium ribbon* took so fucking long time to burn. After two periods still nothing. And the fire on the bunsen burner was already turned to max. So akhirnya, EXPERIMENT INI TIDAK BERJAYA xD HAHAHA! So we went back to class.

See the gek sei yan punya bunsen burner.

Lynn & Teng hate waiting too. Hahaha.

Jia & Melissa too! xD HAHAHAHA

Did my Moral Folio as soon as i reach home. Going to take 4 pictures of me fake doing house chores later. HAHAHA! Already took some pictures of me fake throwing the rubbish in the rubbish bin at school. Not only that, also fake cleaning the blackboard, fake picking papers(that i purposely put there xD) up from the floor & fake wiping the filthy windows xD HAHA

Today is a special day. It is my daughter, 
Sorry I didn't manage to give you anything or be with you today. I had no cash & i went home early after school. But still, have a rocking sweet sixteen babe!  

Mhmm.. Can't wait for Jia's birthday bash this Saturday either :D But i have to wear pink O.o Jia's stupid theme xD HAHAHAHA! Pink dress or a pink shirt with skirt. I need to my backyard to dig for gold. Because you can't go to somebody's birthday party without a present now can you? Uhh. I think grandma buried some gold under this house xD Will go find it now!

Signing out!

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