Friday, August 20, 2010 ❣

Exam week ended!

People like you are the reason 
people like me need medication.

Anyway!! I can empty up my head already. Wheee. Why?


Let me share something with you.
91% for my Modern Maths.
8% for my Add Maths.

Sigh, that add maths one in not something to be proud of. I was fugging pissed at first. But after seeing that Daniel & Yuanxin scored 4%, I felt much much better. hahah! Not only that, there's so many others that failed. And 4 nerds in my class scored 100% for Modern Maths :O

Today Eugene, Melissa & I got scolded by Puan Azizah. Omgwtf. Can't remember what she said. *coughs* Excuse me, do I look like someone who cares? We stood there like retards & fake listen to her. Melissa was like 'Wooi. Don’t annoy the crazy person.' But at the end, she felt bad for scolding me. LOL! Haha. Cause i act kelian :P I said something and then she lower down her voice and start to console me. LOL! I can be an actress. Woohoo. hahah! Waiting for some company to hire me. Hoho.

Today is a special day because i did something i usually don't do when i reach home, i took a nap. Hehe. But after closing my eyes for half and hour. Melissa called me. And she said she was coming over with her mom. Wtf! Nearly gave me a heart attack. My heart was like bibopbibopbibop! When her mom came to my house, she started talking to me.. And then to my dad for about 30 minutes or so. Lazy to elaborate. The point is, i think i almost pass out!

The trouble with life is there’s no background music.
I'd enjoy it more if it did. haha! Won't you?

I'll be performing @ The Mines at the 22rd of August from 4.30pm to 8pm.
Mhmm, but not sure about the date yet. Its either this Sunday or next week.
Come support kay? BYE!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010 ❣

Happy Birthday Kwon Ji Yong!


I'm such a good fan/girlfriend/future wife to be posting this at exactly 12am. Haha!

Kwon Ji Yong!
Today is this talented boy's 22nd birthday. Just one smile from this ridiculously cute boy and all my troubles and stress just fly away. Ahh that smile! Always busy melting each and every fan girl's heart. Seeing that smile just brightens up my day. How i wish i could say this boy is mine. But i cant ): I have to share him with millions of other fan girls. Haha. Its been more than a a year now, and i'm still madly in love with you. I don't know what i can do for you on your birthday. I've sent a package to YGEnt. And its for you. Nahh! KIDDING. Haha. I'll just blog and pray you'll read my post out of millions of other fan's. My dear, i hope you have a wonderful birthday and just continue smiling like you always do. Take care of yourself and don't get sick again. You've work so hard for all your VIPs. The VIPs will always support you. Hwaiting!

Omg! Its August 18th already! Wheee!
I shall sing. Ahemm ahemm.

Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday Jiyong oppa 
Happy Birthday To You!

Yeah, i seriously just sang that out loud xD HAHA. Right, i've now sang in 4 languages already. English, Chinese, Korean and the BM one which I just made up a few minutes ago. Haha! Now I'm just trying to get the 5th one right. Which is the Cantonese one. HAHAHAA.

Okay, I'm going to ignore that news about Jiyong being in a relationship with Mizuhara Kiko. I'm just gonna trust YGEntertainment. Well for one, i don't think Jiyong is in a relationship with her. And two (most important), I'm trusting YGEnt just to get to bed easy at night. Hahah! 

You're always gonna be number one on my list baby jiyong. 
Well, aside from the boyfriend angkaichen of course. haha!

And yes, hiatus over. Haha. Breaks my heart. Can't stand seeing my nuffnang earnings not increasing at all. Ahh, don't get the wrong idea. My readers are important too. But money comes first.
 Continue clicking people! xD 

Having exams this week. One word, AWESOME. I know i can pass every subject xD Seriously, i didn't even took up a book for this exam. It's not something to be proud about. But that [person] made my life a living hell now and there's no way i can concentrate. So, hehehahahohohuhu, i'm gonna flunk this one and concentrate on finals. Well, not exactly flunk all. I'll do what i can. This is also a good way to test whether i pay attention in class or not. haha. So far so good, don't think i'll be failing any just yet. I'll get rainbow colours for my final exams. Trust me. Wish me luck!
More cookies next week! ^.<

Wednesday, August 4, 2010 ❣

STRESS! Stop pressuring me.

I skipped school today. Headache and overslept. zzz.

Eunice is malfunctioning!
Lately really have lots on my mind ):

Firstly, EXAM LO! Which is the 16th August. I need to start brushing up on my Physics & History. I need to get higher than a B for Physics. And I need to at least get 50% for History. And that useless accounts -___- Can I kill you? Hate it. But still need to take it. Addmaths, its been a long time since i've done any addmaths exercise. Thanks to no tuition for a month and useless teacher. Must do my best! Anyway, just going to study the chapter that is coming out for this exam. I mean let it tahan sin. After this exam i will have to start revising the rest of it. Jiayou!

Not only exams, but i also have to plan for someone's surprise party. It is one month from now. So i have to start planning this month. It'll take me a whole month to collect everthing! And because of this all my hair is dropping! Do you know how much money it cost? OMG! Maybe some of my friends are helping me. But its not enough! I need to pour so much of my money, blood, tears and sweat to make this thing a success.

Next, I need to bake cookies for 16Passion to sell next monday. Lots of them! And i think i'm going to die. How am i going to split my time for so many things? Why does everything have to clash on the same month ):

Like all these stress and pressure is not enough? Daniel signs us up for a dance performance in Taman Equine, Jusco on the 22th August. Can I die? We have to start practising our dance. SHINee - Lucifer. We have to practice every Wednesday and Thursday. Oh well, there goes my two days. And not to mention i still have that singing competition. OMG! I have approximately two weeks to get everything done. Minus all the tuitions and nonsense. I think i have only 10 days to get everything ready.

I need to sort out my time for revision, dance practices and party planning. Everything is getting to my head now! I need to get the party and the dance things done before exams. Or else i can prepare to die already.


Sunday, August 1, 2010 ❣

Midvalley with family.

Went to Midvalley today. Bought 1 pair of Adidas shoes for walking. VERY VERY PRETTY!  And 2 pairs of New Balance running shoes for daddy and mei mei. Dined @ Manhattan's Fish Market and had dessert @ Baskin Robbins.

fcking sad now ): The 12 year old sister is already taller than me. wtf!

Now let me make all of you hungry with all the delicious foood!


Hi! This is my sister Euwern!

I knowww. We look gross xD hahah!After i came home, its straight to the computer! Whee xD

 And edited Meowyun's picture.

Overall, i had a very fat day. Need to go jogging later. haha.
Signing out!
Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤