Sunday, August 29, 2010 ❣

All them sickies.

Our performance was OK! :)
Now lets talk about something else!

Emm! I was terribly sick this weekend. Stomach had been hurting every 5minutes thanks to the chili my boyfriend fed me. Hah! But i'm not blaming him. I can't seem get anything down my throat without having the urge to vomit. Even after drinking plain water i feel like throwing up. Went to see the doctor and he gave me so many meds to take. wtf. And they don't look nice :/

I need a syrup one too. LOL! Because i'm still a child. 

And the worst thing is that i've to gobble each one of them down my throat at least 3 times a day. The pink one taste like sand. The white one taste like idk what and the two orange one just taste bitter! PS : Most of them are meds for gastric. I'll explain how i get gastric later -___- 

Oh yeah! And this stupid syrup one taste like fucking TOOTHPASTE!
No joke okay. It smells all minty. And it taste exactly like toothpaste.

And i have solid evidence that he fed them to me.
He's chopping the tiny little chili padi xD 
And after that he put them into my fried rice.

The gastric reason : 
Doctor said too much chili is the cause of my stomach ache. Which cause me to want to throw up every one time something enters my mouth and that cause me to starve for one day 
which leads to gastric!

Baby, I'm not blaming you :) 
I LOVE YOU  & thank you for taking such good care of me :D

Okay! I gottogonow!

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