Sunday, August 22, 2010 ❣

A little bit of crazy.

Hello everyone.
This blogger is sick and having major sore throat. My voice has completely change. And everytime i speak, I 走音. Wtf. Daniel & Melissa laughed at me the most ): But i personally think my voice is very sexy. LOLHAHAHAH! But its very hard to speak ): Damn xin ku.

By the way, see this!
My baby sister loosed her two front teeth. Cute, no?

I cooked dinner :P Hahah! I really did okay! Melissa came to fetch me to The Mines around 7pm. We shopped for our performance clothes. Bought 3 dresses. Dined @ KFC. After that I met Soonjy. LOL! Melissa's mom was also laughing at my retarded voice. 
LOL! She terlalu hyper. hahaa

We bought this dress! :D 
Pink for myself, black for Melissa & blue for Jia. I'm lovin it.

Woke up @ 10am and went out for breakfast with parents. Then daddy and mummy dropped me off at Teng's house. We baked cookies. Ahhh. I didn't even feel like talking. Because my throat feels like its on fire! So goddamn pain. Mummy fetch me home around 7pm. Jowie & Calvin are at my place now. 
We will be selling it tomorrow.
100g for RM4
150g for RM5.50

Let me show you something very retarded. 
I opened my hotmail and saw so many emails in my inbox. wtf.
me : jowie jowie! how to delete all? 
jowie : mark laa. 
me : not page by page. I want to delete ALL!
jowie : Dont have delete all button meh? 
me : no wor.
jowie : i help you 

few minutes later.

me : why so long one!
jowie : look at the computer la!
'running as fast as we can'

One more retarded thing.
Fucked up phone! I need a new one!
See the time! And the 'digi'

What the hell is this? LOL!

Everything is like this _|_

This is what happen when i type message.

I restart my phone many times and this keeps showing! 
It always goes back to normal after hitting it a few times. 
But it comes back again after a while ): !!

I'm going off now.
I miss my boyfriend.

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