Monday, August 9, 2010 ❣

Retarded fools.

I've heard of friends backstabbing one another people. But i've never thought you were one of them. You stupid idiot, can't even keep a secret? I feel like peeling your face off! And then fry it for my dogs to eat! Do you have a problem? Are you suffering from severe retardation or something? Do you need assistance? What have i ever done to you? Why do you have to go and ruin my plan? All my hardwork, blood, tears & sweat. And you just destroyed everything in just 3 seconds. You jealous because you don't have friends? Go suck a hose you fool! I keep giving you face. I'm gonna stop now.

I'm gonna fix what he broke. I'm gonna continue with my plan. He's not gonna stop me. I'm not gonna do anything to him. Do not ever expect a smiling face from me from now on!

Anyway, I changed my blog header! Whee :) :) :) Oh yeah! Today is cookie day. And it was a SUCCESS! We sold everything! Woohoo! Happy. Maybe I'm gonna make another time this weekend.

Loser. I pity you ): Awww, for being so.. Mhmm.. Childish :)
One more thing, haters only make me more famous :) Get that in your head loser! :P The more you talk about me, the more my name spreads. You think you can kill me with your words? Suck my ass :] Just because your friends agree with what you say doesn't mean the world does. And that also doesn't mean you're right. I don't care who you are. Stop spreading dumb kid-like rumors about me. You can't zip your mouth? Chop it off! Or do you want me to do it for you? Oh well, i can't stop you now can i? Have fun being an infant while i GROW UP! Stupid sixteen year old. You're frigging discusting. You're wu ru-ing this age. I want to puke on you.

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