Friday, August 6, 2010 ❣

Stress is sitting on me!

Thank you for borrowing me your shoulder to cry one today.

Today is not a good day for me. Like what i said in my last post, STRESS.
I woke up @ 6.30am and got ready for school. I felt so angry! After brushing my teeth, i threw my toothbrush on the floor. After a while, I thought to myself 'Why am i so angry?'. Then i picked it up and put it back where it suppose to be. I yelled at my brother in the morning. As soon as i got into the car, i felt o guilty. I apologized to him. 

When we reached school I saw kaichen walking towards me. And then i felt angry again but also sad at the same time. I went to Tapak Perhimpunan and sat beside Jiajia. I didn't see any extra plastic or paper bags beside her. Then i knew that she had forgotten The first thing i said to her was 'Jia, we don't need to make cookies already!' with a very angry face. Fly ask me why. I said 'Cause she didn't bring the tupperwares.'. I suddenly felt so sad. wtf. The feeling was really unexplainable. I really had no idea what i was angry and sad about. 

Saw Kaichen and he accompanied me to my class. As soon as i sat down, tears start to roll down my eyes. I kept wiping them away, but it just didn't stop. Fly took me for a walk around school, in other words 'skip class'. LOL! So, i was weeping throughout the whole journey. So many people saw me. No face ):

I went to Kaichen's class and sat at his desk. I lied on his table and started crying like a little kid that has lost his mommy. I CRIED LIKE A BABY IN SCHOOL! I mean not like crying out loud. Its more like weeping with my hand on the desk and my head in my hand. lol. Understand? No? Ahh. This is the first time this has ever happened and i'm really disappointed in myself! Suddenly, i felt like if i didn't cry louder, i wouldn't be able to breathe. And it was really very hard for me to breathe! Baby was beside me, consoling me. I had no idea why i was crying. Nor do i know how to stop. I couldn't stop! 

After everything settled down, Daniel & Jia jia said maybe its because of stress. So stress forced my tears out. Daniel said this has happened to him before. I was a bit relieved. Because at least I know I was not a freak that couldn't control her own emotions. It was just stress :)

Things i must do before exams & the end of the month:
1) Study for exams.
2) Singing competition. (Yeah! I got into finals!)
3) Dance performance. Loads to practice Will take 2 weeks to complete.
4) Prepare mom's stupid surprise party. Will take exactly one month to complete. And no one is going to corporate ): STUPID PEOPLE!
5) Bake cookies for 16Passion to sell.

These 5 are the major things that is attacking my brain now. And what about all those other minor things? DIE! I don't know which one to think about first! I wish I just wish everything done ):

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