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You are the reason that i still believe.

I've been pretty bored lately. There's nothing for me to do. So, i'm gonna start pulling up my socks. I must do so much better in my final exam. I've been slacking for the whole year. I should start studying. So i don't think i should participate in any extra activities until exams are over. 
WELL! Except for my birthday celebration. That's something i just can't skip. Haha. Only 7 more days people! Whooo :]
I accidentally stapled my finger last night. wtf! it was super duper pain & there were some blood flowing out. Now there's two big fugly holes on my pointer finger. Arghh! I feel like hitting someone! -__-
Melissa Foo Lye Eng & Lim Lynn. I don't know why i can't get you guys out of my head. Mhmm. Is it because i miss you? :P HAHA!

Lets dance!

Hello everyone! The picture looks so scary right? I knowwww. No, its not a movie silly. Its a game! :] Play it! Scary but fun. Well, mostly scary. Haha. When i was playing this, i was covering my eyes with my left hand and clicking the mouse with my right hand. I screamed so loud i almost fall off my chair. LOL!  Click on the picture or click hereto play :)

Hi! This is me 2 years back :P
I found this picture on Friendster. LOL!

It was raining again today. Luckily i didn't get wet. Haha! Or else i'll be complaining here again :]
Puan Wong asked us to represent our school for some sort of dance competition. And we were like YES YES YES! Haha. This is a competition, we have to be ten times more serious about it.

I wish my money would have sex in my wallet and multiply -___-
My wallet has been empty since the beginning of this month. And i need em real badly ):

[Someone] said Kaichen & I look like idol couple. LOL! After i hear that i sibeh happy man! wtflol!

I have to rush fo…

Believe in what you see.

YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE WHAT JUST HAPPENED! -.- I freaking forgotten my blogger EMAIL! Wtf right? But guess what. I didn't forget the password.  Took me like half and hour to remember it. I feel so stupid. And gmail was not much help either. Okay, i'm done complaining. Its been about 2 weeks since i updated my blog.
Sorry for neglecting you bloggie ):
Lately i've been stalking 2NE1 more than i use to. HAHA. Because their BACK! With their new album 'To Anyone'. Hehe. I've downloaded the whole album cause i can't wait :) haha. I'M GOING TO BUY THE ALBUM! Its holiday & my butt has just been super-glued to the chair and my eyes to the computer.
I've learned 2NE1's Clap Your Hands dance. Wohoo. Because we'll be performing it on November for the form 5 graduates. Can't wait! We'll be performing with a bench on the stage, just like 2NE1's mv. And we'll also be dancing SHINee's Lucifer :D The sad thing is that we can only have …

National day :)

Why didn't i go to school today? Because i woke up at 4am and went to fetch my maid to the airport! :) She went back to Indonesia. That means NO MORE MAID ): I had to do all the house work today.

Dried rose i spotted.
Yesterday was Malaysia's National Day! :) What did i do while everyone was counting down for this day? YES! I was sleeping like a pig. Heehee! And how did i spent my Merdeka day? The family, cousins and I went to Tanjung Sepat :) It was soooo freaking hot! ZOMG :O Will let the pictures do the talking.