Tuesday, September 14, 2010 ❣

Believe in what you see.

I freaking forgotten my blogger EMAIL! Wtf right? But guess what. I didn't forget the password. 
Took me like half and hour to remember it. I feel so stupid. And gmail was not much help either.
Okay, i'm done complaining. Its been about 2 weeks since i updated my blog.
Sorry for neglecting you bloggie ):

Lately i've been stalking 2NE1 more than i use to. HAHA. Because their BACK! With their new album 'To Anyone'. Hehe. I've downloaded the whole album cause i can't wait :) haha. I'M GOING TO BUY THE ALBUM! Its holiday & my butt has just been super-glued to the chair and my eyes to the computer.

I've learned 2NE1's Clap Your Hands dance. Wohoo. Because we'll be performing it on November for the form 5 graduates. Can't wait! We'll be performing with a bench on the stage, just like 2NE1's mv. And we'll also be dancing SHINee's Lucifer :D The sad thing is that we can only have four dancers for Clap Your Hands. So only four members of Electroblaze can participate. Gahh never mind.
Hope we can work something out :)
This big hideous blue-black is definitely from dancing.
But i don't remember how it happened.

Okay. Guess what time i slept last night?


Its not like this is the first time and i have to spazz about it. Its just that, the whole time i didn't even felt tired. Because i spent 5 hours playing Viwawa with my awesome boyfriend  Had loads of fun. haha. And well you eventually get bored about playing for so long. We've played almost every game in that site. Wahaahaa. Its been so long since is stayed up so late.

See! THE_EUNICE is so cute 


And at the end -.-
But guess who who at the end? The kawaii boyfriend won -.-
But i'm very proud. Because I'm still a beginner at this game! Woohoo :P

I love my kawaii pig 


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