Friday, September 17, 2010 ❣

A lil bout everything

Peekaboo! :P

This is my friend Meowyun. Say hi! :)
Meowyun fetched me to Daniel's studio around 9am this morning & we never stopped practicing our dance untill 2pm. Everyone was exhausted. Phoo. Unfortunately, we had an expensive lunch -.- Food wasn't that good either. Phoo again. Haha! Anyway, thanks Yawhon for fetching me home.

Now before I start updating about the Genting trip. 
Have you guys been clicking on my Nuffnang ads? For those who don't know what a Nuffnang ad is. Well basically that big word on my sidebar that's named 'NUFFNANG' says it all :] Now click on my ads. Like the one you see above my blog and also sometimes at my sidebar :P For those who always click on them, I love you guys! Mwah!  My earnings are jumping so high! Hahaa. Can't wait to get paid sooooon!

Genting. Well, one word to describe it B-O-R-I-N-G! I'm not saying that the place is boring. Just that i didn't spent the time well. Okay fine! The place is kinda boring. Haha. Been there like a thousand times, still waiting for the time i turn 21! So i can enter the super duper casino. Woohoo. haha. Bought something for my awesome boyfriend :P

Picture time! Sorry for the noob quality. I forgotten to bring my camera & so i've been forced to use my noob phone. I'm improvising :X Not gonna upload all tho :P There're too many.

This is my lil sister. Say hi to Ee :D

I look so white :P Bwahahah! Blame the stupid camera flash.

Sister :P

Sister number 2! Haha!

Enjoying her lunch. Hehe.

I'm done here.
Taaa :)

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