Friday, October 22, 2010 ❣


Today ELASTYX is born!

We're going to perform on 12th of November which is the form five's graduation day.
Not only that! We're going to audition for a dance competition on the 13th of November!

Overall today was quite a good day :) Despite the moral test of course. Didn't do that well in the test ): But i know i'll pass, i hope. wtflmao. Elastyx came out of class early. We went to rehearse @ Dewan Gemilang. Had many many awesome, lame & stupid ideas. Haha! But at last we got our theme. Our theme is about a nerd that eventually turned cool. wtf! I know, it sounds weird hor? But when we dance then not weird already one laa. You all sure will scream your heads off xD

Come support us!
I know you all sure will forget one -.-
But don't worry you beautiful creatures.
I'll absofuckinglutely remind you a day earlier! :P

Something really pissed me off today. If you don't want to do it. Please, just say so. Don't say yes when i ask you, just because you want to make me happy. And end up letting me down. Please don't agree to it if you really don't want to do it or if you can't cope with it. It'll make people think i forced you to do it. 

I'm pissed off not because you can't dance with us. I'm okay with that :)
I called you to come over so that all of us can talk about the dance together. But you ignored my request. The fact that you don't even want to listen to what we have to say. Yes, that pissed me off.

But i'm okay now :)
Stay tune.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010 ❣

Unlucky day!

Broken english day.

Today, English paper.
Paper 1 was okay la. Nothing to complain about. Wrote two very long essays.
But Paper 2 ahh -.- Want to vomit blood liao. I didn't know there were so many sections to do. While i was doing the objective part, i was feeling quite happy. But when i saw the summary part, i really want to throw the paper away. And when i see the novel part, i feel like burying myself! OMG!!

Today really is not my lucky day. I don't know what i eat, make my stomach so pain this morning. English Paper 1 started, i was lying on the table. Cause my stomach sibeh pain! Then something damn embarrassing happened -.- Encik Roy saw me lying on the table. Then ahh! The Jiajia mouth so big go tell teacher 'Dia sakit perut.' Guess what happened? He walked to me and say 'Pergi toilet la' wtfwtfwtf! Damn embarrassing! I ignore him and lie back down on the table. Then he said even louder 'Cepat la. Pergi.' MCB!! He's a fat meanie that wants to hurt me D: No face! ):

After that, during paper 2 i thought i dont have enough time to do. Because I got the time and the duration that was written one the board mixed up -.- So ahh.. I rush lor! Keep rushing! When i finish, i look at the board again.. I still have fucking 45minutes left!! Nothing to do but stare here and there. Encik Haikal keep looking at me. He say 'Sudah siap? Tidur la.' I just look at him and smile. Melissa keep laughing at me. I had nothing to do, so i kept rocking the chair and the 'kok kok kok' sound very loud xD Then Encik Haikal look at me and say 'Eeee, Eunice ni.' Then he shake his head and yam xiu at me. LOL! Haha!

When i got home, study, shower & then study again. When i was walking out of the toilet, i accidentally kick the bed, very hard! What happened? My pinky toe nail came off! Keep bleeding. But not the whole nail come off. Just half of it, so ahh.. still got little bit there. First, it looks very yongsui. Second, very pain! So i might have to wear slipper to school tomorrow ):

Nvm. After that i accidentally hit my hand against the bed while i was picking up something. Straight away can't feel my hand! My fist turned red and swollen. So pain -.- Damn irritated. One last thing, while i was studying, i was biting my nail. And then ahh! I bite too much, too short already. So bleeding lor. Pain lor.

Today ahh. Sibeh got problem -.-
Today is a very very painful day!
Damn unlucky.

I use broken english to release my pain -__- !!!!

Going to tuition now. Bye!

Stay tune.

Friday, October 15, 2010 ❣

Finals :]

Hi earthlings :]

Final Exams!
Today's the first day. And of all the subjects, the retarded teachers just had to start of with Accounts. Hate it :b But still, i'm quite satisfied with today's paper. Wheee. I want to get over with finals asap! :X

Now.. What am i doing?
Yeapp! You got that right!
I'm slacking off again. wtf.

Might skip my revision time tonight and replace it with Viwawa. HAHA! Study tomorrow :] 
I have 3 subjects to hope for A. Which is English, Maths & Chemistry :P MUST GET A! :P
Maybe a B for Addmaths & History. lmao xD

Okay guys. Remember i mention about my malfunctioning phone, SE K770I? Just a few weeks back i think. Well guess what? Its now dead! Not because of the problems i mentioned about earlier. But i think its because i played too much games and for too long. lol. When i turn on my phone, it'll shut down automatically about 10 seconds. I don't wanna waste money fixing it.

So guess what phone i'm using now.

Guess! :P

Want me to tell you?



Say hi to mom's old & very gross phone!
Samsung SGH X700

Since mom is using her Blackberry & Nokia E71, and not to mention she pity me too for not having a phone to use. Haha. She gave me her old phone. I'm just glad that i have a phone to use. LOL

Anywayy, i'm going off now!
Wish me luckk in my exams! 

Stay tune.
Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤