Friday, October 22, 2010 ❣


Today ELASTYX is born!

We're going to perform on 12th of November which is the form five's graduation day.
Not only that! We're going to audition for a dance competition on the 13th of November!

Overall today was quite a good day :) Despite the moral test of course. Didn't do that well in the test ): But i know i'll pass, i hope. wtflmao. Elastyx came out of class early. We went to rehearse @ Dewan Gemilang. Had many many awesome, lame & stupid ideas. Haha! But at last we got our theme. Our theme is about a nerd that eventually turned cool. wtf! I know, it sounds weird hor? But when we dance then not weird already one laa. You all sure will scream your heads off xD

Come support us!
I know you all sure will forget one -.-
But don't worry you beautiful creatures.
I'll absofuckinglutely remind you a day earlier! :P

Something really pissed me off today. If you don't want to do it. Please, just say so. Don't say yes when i ask you, just because you want to make me happy. And end up letting me down. Please don't agree to it if you really don't want to do it or if you can't cope with it. It'll make people think i forced you to do it. 

I'm pissed off not because you can't dance with us. I'm okay with that :)
I called you to come over so that all of us can talk about the dance together. But you ignored my request. The fact that you don't even want to listen to what we have to say. Yes, that pissed me off.

But i'm okay now :)
Stay tune.

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