Friday, October 15, 2010 ❣

Finals :]

Hi earthlings :]

Final Exams!
Today's the first day. And of all the subjects, the retarded teachers just had to start of with Accounts. Hate it :b But still, i'm quite satisfied with today's paper. Wheee. I want to get over with finals asap! :X

Now.. What am i doing?
Yeapp! You got that right!
I'm slacking off again. wtf.

Might skip my revision time tonight and replace it with Viwawa. HAHA! Study tomorrow :] 
I have 3 subjects to hope for A. Which is English, Maths & Chemistry :P MUST GET A! :P
Maybe a B for Addmaths & History. lmao xD

Okay guys. Remember i mention about my malfunctioning phone, SE K770I? Just a few weeks back i think. Well guess what? Its now dead! Not because of the problems i mentioned about earlier. But i think its because i played too much games and for too long. lol. When i turn on my phone, it'll shut down automatically about 10 seconds. I don't wanna waste money fixing it.

So guess what phone i'm using now.

Guess! :P

Want me to tell you?



Say hi to mom's old & very gross phone!
Samsung SGH X700

Since mom is using her Blackberry & Nokia E71, and not to mention she pity me too for not having a phone to use. Haha. She gave me her old phone. I'm just glad that i have a phone to use. LOL

Anywayy, i'm going off now!
Wish me luckk in my exams! 

Stay tune.

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