Saturday, October 2, 2010 ❣

He came to my place @ 12AM & sang to me.

I'm really happy. Today is a special day. So i will blog like this. HAHA.
Will start blogging about my super day now.
Warning : This post is gonna be boomed with pictures! :P

The first few minutes of my birthday. Wasn't all that hyped up about it. But my phone couldn't stop ringing. Can't stand it. Boyf kept calling me. I was so sleepy then. I have to admit, i was very kinda angry. I really felt like locking my phone in a treasure chest and eat the keys and shift it to India.
Then, he suddenly asked me to go outside! :O
Then i went out lor. I just woke up. Imagine my ugly just-wake-up face & my just-wake-up hair. I went out and saw him! He gave me a gift and wished me Happy Birthday. He wanted to sing to me, but dad was behind me. Haha. OMG! Anyway, really GAM DONG SEI NGO! I couldn't stop my tears from leaking outta my eyes man! That was the awesome-est surprise someone has even given me!
I love you so much angkaichen!
He gave me this watch. He said there's something very special about it.

After lying in bed and spazzing over the birthday present and also that very sweet note he wrote for quite a while. Finally, I FELL ASLEEP! HAHA

Reached Sunway Pyramid. Why so early? Because i want to go ice skating! HAHAHA. Since i'm such a pro at skating, I thought my boyfriend how to skate since this is his first time. He fell down two times today ): So sad. And one of it was because i pushed him. LOL! I feel so bad! Haha. Sorry dearrr.
Ang Min Yuan. haha.


My boyfriend is sleeping. Hahaha! 

 My cutiee Enyii ! 

Skated for 4 hours. Finally came out from the skating rink. LOL! Haha. Many people came today. But the sad thing is that almost half of them forgotten to wish me Happy birthday ): Sad wooi! Anyways. After that we went shopping around. Boyfriend bought me two pairs of beautiful earrings :P
My fatty birthday baskin robbins double scoop icecream! :P 

Ate @ Shabu Shabu with baby.
I was really angry at that time. Cause boyfriend 'zat' me. 

I'm a fatty that eats a lottttt 

Movie! Alpha and Omega 3D! Okayyy, seriously sucked. HAHAHA.
I dont know what the hell its about.
3D glasses! 

Then we spazzed around and went home.
Look at Euwern & MinYuan. LOL! Hahaa. They were too bored. wtf.

When i reached home. I saw my beautiful carrot cake on the table waiting for me! Hahaa. Family sang my special birthday song to me. Don't know why, but i feel very touched. Almost cried.
Beautiful right? Deliciousss.

Mom organized a beer drinking contest between my brother, sister & myself. Haha! The first to finish a can of beer wins RM50, second RM20 & last RM10. and guess what? I GOT FUCKING LAST! Even my 12 year old sister can do better than me. Hahaaa. Almost vomit. Too much pressure.
And this is what happened to my brother for winning RM50. hahaha! DAI SEI!

Now! My birthday pictures. LOL haha 
Thank you everyone for giving me to best birthday ever. 
I love you all! 
Daddy, Mummy, Brother, Ee, Euwern, Kaichen, Minyuan, Daniel, Enyi, Melissa, Jae, Jiayan, Nicholas, Amy, Yikhaur, Ahmong, Romex, Shunkin, Carmen, Saylee and etc. 
And thank you everyone for wishing me on facebook too.
When i reached home i saw, 412 birthday wishes.
Thank you all for giving me such a memorable sweet sixteen ♥

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