Friday, October 29, 2010 ❣

Lets go! :D

Fuck! The guys in this video have superman upper body strength! I'm now searching around for my guts to ask mom to let me take up break dance class. Haha. Either breaking or street dance :]

Anyway, today's Chemistry test. FAWSOME! lol. Hope i can get my A!! :] I'm chiu gap happy now! Wheee! Because i only have two more papers to sit for. Physics 3 & Chemistry 3 on Monday! :]

After school, Miss Yang said Kaichen was irresponsible. HAHA! I have agree with her. Well partially is because he always forgets things. Important things. Like my Chemistry notes. He left it in his class today -__- Even though he always forgets little things like that. I know he'll never forget me. Because I'm Eunice & I'm not little! xD TEEHEE!

Starting from next Tuesday, Ms Ng will be coming over to my house to tutor Teng, Melissa, Shen Yau & I. Because Bestari tuition centre closed down. So no place to teach D: Luckily my house got big big white board! HAHA! So once I reached home. Daddy ask me to help him clean the kitchen and outside the house.

Cleaned for 4 hours! So goddamn tired. I can even fill up two buckets with my sweat.

My job was to take out everything here and clean the floor.

And while i was cleaning. Of course i came across gross things like 


My little sister was bathing herself? Haha! Playing with water.

Our crazy face! 

Daddy not cooking again tonight. Going to eat chicken rice. Aikss. i so cham. Eat chicken rice while my baby enjoy at Jogoya with his tuition teacher. BOO ME ): I WANT MY MAID BACK! Anyway, speaking of my baby. Haha. He gave me something today. He drew it last year. Awww. ilovehim.

Going to eat now.


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