Monday, October 25, 2010 ❣


Hello! :]
Add maths totally pwned me today D: Screw it! My brain is malfunctioning again. But good news is, i'm not sitting for any exam tomorrow :) But i'm still going to school tho. Cause kaichen has a science test tomorrow. He gave me his science book & asked me to teach him. lolhaha.

Funny thing. Elastyx in 4Jati took only 5 minutes to finish out PJK test. 5 MINUTES!! wtfhahaha! And the teacher let us out of class because we told her we had to rehearse our dance. P/s : I didn't smiply do ahh. I got read all the questions ah. Haha. Well except for 40-50 la xD Haha

Another thing.
There is one question asking about what blood does the heart pump or something like that la.

A. Hydogen
B. Carbon Dioxide
C. Oxygen
D. Somehting xD Stml. I forgot d. ahah

Everyone knows is oxygenated blood la. wtfhaha. And the ahh, that Daniel wanted to make a love on his answer sheet. So he choose A. Hydrogen. And then Sandy feel too 'qi gek' already. So she choose B. Carbon Dioxide. LOL xD Hahah. lmao! Couldn't stop laughing.

There's an important event today :]
Everything i want to say is already in that beautiful yet cacat card 


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