Wednesday, November 10, 2010 ❣

After 200 days.

Had fun today during our dance rehearsal! Haha. I'm lazy to upload pictures in blogger. So, i'll put it in a nice slide show for you to see. But i only uploaded 3 pictures x) Hehe. Spot my cool t-shirt. Imma 好人! xD

Bii didn't come to school today. Has work :O Can't see him. Anyway,

After a woke up this morning, i received a message from an unknown number saying 'I'm on my way.' LOL! Frightened me. I thought it was Eugene's mummy coming to fetch me to school. So i went downstairs as quickly as i could. *coughs* Not really lar. I was still playing computer. Haha! When i went out of my house, i saw an unknown car. Then I felt so nervous I almost pee in my pants. Suddenly Meow Yun came out of the car. lol! Turns out i was suppose to fetch her to school and i forgotten. Haha! 

After school, we walked to the nearby mamak to eat. Because daddy was late. Luckily she was with me or else i'll be alone. Enjoy talking with her. TEEHEE! :] 

Thats all.
Toodles! :P

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