Saturday, November 27, 2010 ❣


I'm so happy! But I was expecting for at least second.
So yeah. Still a bit disappointed. But we're good! We did our best!

I will never forget the times we worked hard! I will never forget the wonderful times i spent with Elastyx! lmao. Why am i saying this? Because this will be our last time joining competitions ): Why again? Because of SPM next year. I feel so sad. I almost cried. Haih.

Friday, 26th Nov.
Daniel, Nicholas & Jennifer overnight at my crib last night! The 4 of us were playing lame kid games the whole night! We played Uno Stacko & Uno card & Cho dai di & 乌龟 & last but not least MAFIA! The last game is the most 'chi gek' one. hahahah! First time see Nicholas' sampat face! Omgg! Unbelievable!

We slept at 3AM & woke up at 7AM! Surprised that all of us still so 精神! *coughs*

See Jenn's 'yam' face xD

He says he's a caterpillar xD HAHA!

Okay this pic make all of us laugh non stop!
He looks like a pyramid right? xD

There is one thing i will never forget. Somethine Nicholas said.
Imma beautiful butterfly!

Saturday, 27th Nov.
Jiajia & Victor came to my house at 8am. Daddy fetch everyone to The Mines at 10am. After our competition, we went to celebrate together at The Mines. Stml. I really can't remember what we did. So erhh. Pictures la :D

To Nicholas :
I know you damn shuang. Haha! Dad not home & you're the king of the world xD

We're so happy! 

Love this super cute and talented girl! 
She really knows how to shake!! 

Our supporters xD Haha! The way they cheered for us is like the screaming sound of the people riding a rollercoaster! xD

Bryan :D See our hand! Coincidence! 

I look so sweaty! OMG! But i was so happy!

Daddy's little girl! 

Even though we didn't get what we wanted. We must always remember all the blood, sweat & tears we poured into this dance. Its our effort that counts! GO ELASTYX GO! I'm so sad i can't performed with you guys next year ): Darn SPM! Cherish our 2010 memories :) Love all of you! ♥ ♥ ♥

Now now. Patience okay?
I will upload our performance video soon.
This is very special. So imma make it real nice!
Going to edit it now.


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