Friday, November 5, 2010 ❣


 Helloo everyone! 

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Anyway, why am I blogging now? Aiks! Since holiday started i've been blogging like some maniac. Arrgghh! I have nothing to do at home. I feel like some lifeless hobo. I need some lame cows to accompany me. Pleaseee! God summon some lifeless buffaloes and cows to play with me please! Daniel, Jia, Jiayan & Jenn come to my house and disturb me pleaseee! I need you! lmao!

Jowie, Joern & Calvin is at my place now :) Watched our old videos and laughed our ass off. HAHA! Love them. They made my boringdays become holidays :P I can't wait to spend everyday of my holidays with them. And i absofuckinglutely can't wait to go to Thailand with them this coming December! 

Random uploads :D
I like my hair here! TEEHEE ♥

I remember this! :D This is when i first put on fake lashes! x)

I also found another picture. Last year's picture i think. Damn yong sui one -___- Hair short short and pushed up with hair band and the face like just wake up only. Hair very very short! My hair only reached below my ear -.- That picture is only for me and my baby to see :] Haha! Or maybe not even him *coughs*

Now before i stop blogging. I have one last thing to show you, my awesome readers!

Can any of you guess who is this? :P xD
She is my very very best girlfriend sister! 
J to the J to the J !

Cheer up my dear! Everything will be alright soon. One day he's gonna look back and think why was he so stupid to leave a wonderful girl like you alone. Till that day comes, i'm always gonna be here with you. You have so many friends who love and care about you. Don't make them worry 

Okay, i'm done here! I've been twitting a lot lately. HAHA
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Stay tuned!

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